Memories of Halloweens Past

Happy Halloween!!  I looked back at past Halloweens and got all mushy.  Our first Halloween with Max seems like just yesterday we had him dressed as a hotdog, and this picture makes me laugh.  He was the cutest looking hotdog!  

The next year he was my very own Super Man!!  He wore his costume to the Coyotes game and would run down the aisle making his cape flow behind him.  His hair was even on point. 

When we bought his Jake costume, he was so excited.  Then we put it on him and he cried and cried.  Thank goodness my bribery ways were getting good and a few pieces of candy turned that frown upside down. 

Our first Halloween in WA Max was a very in shape Spider Man.  He wore that mask for months afterwards.  Emma even got in on the mask wearing fun.  

Last year he was Optimus Prime, and the coolest Transformer ever. He had to have his sidekick....

Our sweet Bumble Bee! 
I die over this picture.  She looks so beautiful. 

I can't wait to dress them up tonight.  Rain or....rain we'll be trick-or-treating.   It's pouring right now, and I hope it stops by this evening! 

Happy Halloween!!  I hope you have a spooktacular day and night!!  Be safe! 


  1. So cute! Love the little hot dog and bumblebee!

    1. Thanks! Max kept saying, "Last year I was a hot dog?!"