Our Week

Blogging is becoming more difficult these days.  I just don't have the time, until it comes to the weekend.  So my posts will just be a recap of our week, and other stories that I can squeeze in.  Who would have thought that going back to work would make less time to blog?

Last weekend I made my mother in laws pasta sauce.  It didn't taste quite the same, but it was pretty good if I do say so myself.  Emma agreed!  She ate it up, and then came to sit on my lap so she could have bites of my food as well.   This girl loves her food! 

Max had picture day, and let me tell you getting him to wear the button down shirt was an early morning fight.  And the jeans....oh this kid hates wearing jeans.  When Ian was little he hated wearing jeans as well and lived in sweat pants.  Max wants to head down that same road, but I'm being a mean mom and letting him wear his cozy pants on days he has PE.  Mean, I know. The button down shirt lasted until recess, and then he took it off.  He looked so handsome though. 

The last few mornings when we'd walk outside it was foggy.  Max would say, "Holy guacamole!"  Ian said that when Emma would walk out and see it she would say, "Oh no!"   So far it's still been pretty warm for Fall.  I think we had one day where it was in the low 60s, but by the afternoon it's sunny and blue skies.   I saw on the news it's going to be a warmer weekend because of El Nino.  That boy just loves to mess with weather. 

After school when Max comes into my class he likes to help me get it ready for the following morning or play on the computer.  I had gone to pick up something I printed and came back to him sitting behind my desk.  I died.  

He brings home daily work that he's done in class, and I tell you he is impresses me so much with that he can do.  We worked on his writing during the summer, but I would say in the last couple months his coloring and writing are soooo good! 

We need to start thinking of Halloween costumes, and do some of our own festive crafts.  We are going to a pumpkin patch this weekend, so you might get two posts this weekend! 

Are you watching Grey's Anatomy?  I get so excited when Fall tv returns.  The only shows I've been most excited about are Grey's, The League, and Jane the Virgin.   I just love Grey's Anatomy so much.  I know McDreamy (sob) isn't on it anymore, but the show is just so good. SO GOOD.  I pretty much cry, laugh, cry, gasp in shock, cry and cry some more each episode.  All the emotions.  The League.  People I can't tell you how funny the show is. Ian and I are giddy with excitement when it comes to Wednesdays night at 10.  Jane the Virgin hasn't started yet, but October 12th is the day! I love the humor, and it's super cute. 

October means scary movies, and I'm such a wimp.  I like more of the Hocus Pocus, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin type of moves.  Wimp right?   Now I'm just babbling....

Have a great weekend friends.  Thanks for sticking around, even though I'm not blogging nearly as much.  There just aren't enough hours in the day. 


  1. Max is so cute in his button-down! Have fun at the pumpkin patch! We are going to one on Monday and I'm so excited!

    1. Thanks! You have fun when you guys go!! A week of fun before the big day?