Pumpkins and Ghosts

The leaves are falling, and when Max sees it happening he'll say, "Hey the leaves are falling down.  You know, like Fall?"  There are some big leaves we have falling around our lawn.  Only means we're going to have to rake up all those leaves in a week or so....boo. 

We went bowling this morning, and it was Emma's first time bowling a whole game and wearing bowling shoes.  I died seeing her in the shoes.  She was so excited and would jump up and down each time her ball went down the lane.  Max was super competitive and made it point to let me know when he was beating me.  I have no clue where he gets his competitiveness from. Ahem....Ian. 

We also painted pumpkins.  I was taking pictures and I wanted Max to look at me and smile.  He told me, while not looking at me, "Just take the picture Mommy." Okay then...

Emma still likes taking pictures for me. 

Max not so much...


One of my favorite things for Halloween: Footprint ghosts. 

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  1. It looks like you're having a lot of fun. The painted pumpkins are too cute!

    1. Thanks!! Max and Emma had a lot of fun!!