When we found out that the Steelers were playing here over Thanksgiving weekend, we were pretty excited.  Ian invited his family out to visit us.  We have family from Pittsburgh and Alabama visiting, as well as a friend from AZ who is originally from Pittsburgh.   

Saturday we woke up early so that we could take our visitors around Seattle.  Our first stop was Ian's office.  Sounders pride always. 

Then we went to the waterfront.  I heart the Great Wheel. 

On our way to Pikes Market, we stopped on the bridge and looked over to the Great Wheel and a ferry was coming in.  So pretty. 

We stopped at a pub to watch the Iron Bowl, because our family from Alabama are huge Bama fans.  They taught Max and Emma to say Roll Tide Roll.  Emma took a nap while we were there, and Max started to not feel well.  I also wasn't feeling so hot, so Ian brought me and the kiddos home.  

Walking up the steep hill was too much for Max.   He and Emma had it easy! 

Emma and Pap-pap. 


Max and Emma were given lightsabers, and they were beyond happy. 

Today is the big game and this girl was so excited to put on her new shirt. 

I stayed home with the kiddos and A who came over to play so his mommy and daddy could go to the game.  I'm happy to be watching the game from under the warm blanket on my couch.  I'm still not feeling well.   I hope I start feeling better soon, because days at work are going to be long. 

We put up the tree in the playroom while everyone is at the game.  We are going to get a real tree next weekend, but I thought the playroom could look a little more festive. 

He wanted to put them as high as he could reach. 

Emma wanted them all in one place. 

I hope the Steelers win or I'm going to be hearing it at work tomorrow from all my students.  Go Steelers!! #herewego


Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 can go in the books as a good one.  I made everything, and towards the end I was getting a tad bit stressed.  I love how the Food Network people tell you to make some things ahead of time and then just pop it into the oven the day of.  Sounds great, but I only have one oven, not five so that didn't work for me.  I'll ask for a couple of ovens from Santa. :)

My sister in law painted this and sent it to me.  The heart is chalk board paint, and I used a chalk pen that I'll be posting about soon!  Love it!

Family football game.  Emma and Ian vs. Pap-pap and Max.  

Going over the play that would score them a touchdown. 

Touchdown celebration!!  I have to say his celebration dance is way more cute than Cam Newton's celebration dances. 

Family walk after dinner...before pie time. 

I did manage to burn myself.  It looks a lot worse today.  It was worth the pain, because everything turned out pretty great! 

I have lots more pictures to share, but I'll wait to do that for another post.  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! 


Thanksgiving Week

This weekend has been a mix of busy with relaxation.  Great combination.  

One of our Target shopping trips over the summer we found this shirt for Max.  He was so excited that it was Where the Wild Things Are, but he was even more excited it had his name on the patch.  It's his favorite shirt. 

We went into the city to visit with a friend in town.  Max passed out with his cool shades on.  I couldn't stop laughing.  He wore those sunglasses even though it was night out.  So celebrity of him, right?  He got them from a fundraiser he did at school, and won't take them off. 

Ian bought me this beer last night, and ohmygoodness it's so good!!  It really tastes like root beer.  If we had vanilla ice cream in the freezer, I would have made myself a root beer float.  He also got me a pumpkin spice ale that I'm excited to try! 
A friend had taken this picture of Ian and I on our first New Years Eve together and Facebook had it as a memory for us.  Those memories they share are so good.   We were so young. 

Oh it's that time of year people!!  This cd is on repeat, and I love it so much.  It's the best Christmas cd since 1998. 

This morning the kiddos and I got up and were feeling festive.  We put Christmas music on the tv and got our craft on.  Pap-pap and Mum-mum get into town early Thursday for Thanksgiving.  They are
vising for a week.  We have lots more family coming into town for the Steelers game on the 29th.
Ian put together a thoughtful and fun itinerary, and I plan to take lots of pictures! 

Hand print turkeys are my favorite.  Emma's has hair because her thumb had a mind of it's own. 

I also made chocolate chip pancakes.  I bought a pancake squeeze bottle thing from Max's  fundraiser.  I attempted to make Max a spider and he looks at it and asks where the spinnerets were....I'm not that good at making shaped pancakes yet.  I don't even want to post the pictures, because they are sad.  I'll work on my pancake making and post some next time. :)

  I love the holidays.  LOVE.  I've been watching Thanksgiving episodes of cooking shows on Food Network today, and I'm getting excited about cooking.  I plan on buying many bottles of wine to keep things stress free.  On that note, I need to start making a list of things we need for our feast and week of family fun!  Happy Thanksgiving week!!!


Life Lately

Life lately has been so busy. This week and next we have parent/teacher conferences. Yesterday I had 13, and today I had 7. There's an end in sight!  

Give me all the coffee. 
The Official Parent/Teacher Conference (Coffee) Drinking Game: TEACHER’S EDITION funny list | meme | kids:

Next week is Thanksgiving, and guess who hasn't shopped yet? This girl. I need more time in my days! That and it starts to get dark at 4:30, and that makes me want to do nothing when I get home. Dark = comfy clothes + wine + bed 

Random, but one thing that's bothering me is bullying. Kids should feel safe at school. End of story.  Kids should not grow up being little jerks to other kids. You're 8, be kind. 

Max and Emma are obsessed with Alvin and the Chipmunks. It's a new version and let me tell you they look like boys, not chipmunks.  It's a cute cartoon though.  I liked the original when I was little.

I've slacked at taking pictures.   I have 3 in the last couple weeks.  #momfail.

This one is from last weekend.  We were ready for some Steelers football.  

Max likes to write me notes and leave them in the classroom for me.  He asked me how to spell the words, and then left it on my desk.  The best love note ever.  

His work is on display in his hallway, and he was so proud of it.  He had shown Ian when he went to pick him up on Thursday, and he showed me today.  

Even though I have no pictures of Emma or her accomplishments this week (she's rocking potty training...no pictures needed!)  I will overload you next week.  I promise!

Happy Weekend! 


Kwik Stix {Review & Giveaway!}

It's been rainy and cold here, and next week it looks like more rain and colder temps.  Brrr!  When it comes to indoor play while it's rainy out, coloring is a big favorite it our house.  Max and Emma were able to try out Kwik Stix by The Pencil Grip company.  It's tempera paint sticks that dries in 90 seconds!

The second they started using Kwix Stix to make a picture for us, it was complete silence.  They were so into their art activity.  Max and Emma love to paint, but it's normally a messy activity that happens every once in awhile.  Kwix Stix makes painting so easy and it's mess free.  

They also threw in a couple of Pencil Grips, and Max was so excited.  He's been using it every day while writing down titles of books for his Reading homework.   As a teacher, I love seeing that he's holding his pencil correctly.

Every artist signs their work.

If you are a mama or teacher, Kwik Stix are a must have!  Painting has never been so easy.

One lucky reader is going to win the 6 pack of Kwik Stix!


Rainy Halloween

We woke up yesterday and it was pouring.  We didn't let that stop us from enjoying the heck out of Halloween.  First, Emma was Elsa and Max a scary skeleton.   Apparently he was super scary because when we went out earlier in the day to the store everyone kept telling him how scary he was.

Before we left to go Trick-or-Treating Emma decided she wanted to be Anna.  She's so indecisive that girl.  Really she didn't want to dress up at all, but when I told her if she wanted candy she had to dress up, she was all about it!

Our neighborhood is really quiet.  While we were home we had 3 Trick-or-Treaters.  We went to the neighborhood that we went to our first Halloween here in WA.  They get really into Halloween and decorate really cool.  Max and Emma loved the doggy skeletons.  They were so cute walking up to the door, knocking, and waiting for someone to answer so they could yell, "Trick-or-Treat!!"  After each house Emma would tell me, "One more Mommy, one more!"  

When they looked up and saw the spiders, I think they were a little bit scared. 

All the pumpkins. 

When we got home they both went through their candy and sorted it out.  Max was pretty excited about all his candy, and I'm pretty sure he would have attempted to eat it all if we let him.  

Emma Girl was such a happy girl.  She already tried to sweet talk me into letting her have a lollipop this morning.  

The Sounders have a playoff game today against FC Dallas.  We may go to the game.  It really depends on how the kiddos behave today.  They were up at 6 this morning, and my coffee cup is empty.  It's 8:45 and Max is already asking for lunch.  Today is going to be fun. :)

Until next time!