When we found out that the Steelers were playing here over Thanksgiving weekend, we were pretty excited.  Ian invited his family out to visit us.  We have family from Pittsburgh and Alabama visiting, as well as a friend from AZ who is originally from Pittsburgh.   

Saturday we woke up early so that we could take our visitors around Seattle.  Our first stop was Ian's office.  Sounders pride always. 

Then we went to the waterfront.  I heart the Great Wheel. 

On our way to Pikes Market, we stopped on the bridge and looked over to the Great Wheel and a ferry was coming in.  So pretty. 

We stopped at a pub to watch the Iron Bowl, because our family from Alabama are huge Bama fans.  They taught Max and Emma to say Roll Tide Roll.  Emma took a nap while we were there, and Max started to not feel well.  I also wasn't feeling so hot, so Ian brought me and the kiddos home.  

Walking up the steep hill was too much for Max.   He and Emma had it easy! 

Emma and Pap-pap. 


Max and Emma were given lightsabers, and they were beyond happy. 

Today is the big game and this girl was so excited to put on her new shirt. 

I stayed home with the kiddos and A who came over to play so his mommy and daddy could go to the game.  I'm happy to be watching the game from under the warm blanket on my couch.  I'm still not feeling well.   I hope I start feeling better soon, because days at work are going to be long. 

We put up the tree in the playroom while everyone is at the game.  We are going to get a real tree next weekend, but I thought the playroom could look a little more festive. 

He wanted to put them as high as he could reach. 

Emma wanted them all in one place. 

I hope the Steelers win or I'm going to be hearing it at work tomorrow from all my students.  Go Steelers!! #herewego


  1. What a fun weekend! By the way, I love that you're a Steelers fan! I live in Pittsburgh. XOXO

    1. I married into it, but have come to love them!! :) Go Steelers!

  2. I have come to your blog here and there after seeing it on Top Mommy Blogs. I live in south central PA so in this area it's a mix between Steelers and Eagles. I'd rather go for the Steelers. My hubby is a Redskins fan. Sounds like you had a fun time with family. Wishing you a Happy Holiday season!

    1. Go Steelers! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Holidays to you and your family!