Life Lately

Life lately has been so busy. This week and next we have parent/teacher conferences. Yesterday I had 13, and today I had 7. There's an end in sight!  

Give me all the coffee. 
The Official Parent/Teacher Conference (Coffee) Drinking Game: TEACHER’S EDITION funny list | meme | kids:

Next week is Thanksgiving, and guess who hasn't shopped yet? This girl. I need more time in my days! That and it starts to get dark at 4:30, and that makes me want to do nothing when I get home. Dark = comfy clothes + wine + bed 

Random, but one thing that's bothering me is bullying. Kids should feel safe at school. End of story.  Kids should not grow up being little jerks to other kids. You're 8, be kind. 

Max and Emma are obsessed with Alvin and the Chipmunks. It's a new version and let me tell you they look like boys, not chipmunks.  It's a cute cartoon though.  I liked the original when I was little.

I've slacked at taking pictures.   I have 3 in the last couple weeks.  #momfail.

This one is from last weekend.  We were ready for some Steelers football.  

Max likes to write me notes and leave them in the classroom for me.  He asked me how to spell the words, and then left it on my desk.  The best love note ever.  

His work is on display in his hallway, and he was so proud of it.  He had shown Ian when he went to pick him up on Thursday, and he showed me today.  

Even though I have no pictures of Emma or her accomplishments this week (she's rocking potty training...no pictures needed!)  I will overload you next week.  I promise!

Happy Weekend! 


  1. Haha that coffee drinking game cracked me up. I'm sure parent teacher conferences can be super difficult and tiring.

    1. I thought it was so funny. Especially that it's with coffee. Honestly, I don't mind conferences all that much. I had a few that were hard, but for the most part I have a great bunch of kiddos.