Thanksgiving Week

This weekend has been a mix of busy with relaxation.  Great combination.  

One of our Target shopping trips over the summer we found this shirt for Max.  He was so excited that it was Where the Wild Things Are, but he was even more excited it had his name on the patch.  It's his favorite shirt. 

We went into the city to visit with a friend in town.  Max passed out with his cool shades on.  I couldn't stop laughing.  He wore those sunglasses even though it was night out.  So celebrity of him, right?  He got them from a fundraiser he did at school, and won't take them off. 

Ian bought me this beer last night, and ohmygoodness it's so good!!  It really tastes like root beer.  If we had vanilla ice cream in the freezer, I would have made myself a root beer float.  He also got me a pumpkin spice ale that I'm excited to try! 
A friend had taken this picture of Ian and I on our first New Years Eve together and Facebook had it as a memory for us.  Those memories they share are so good.   We were so young. 

Oh it's that time of year people!!  This cd is on repeat, and I love it so much.  It's the best Christmas cd since 1998. 

This morning the kiddos and I got up and were feeling festive.  We put Christmas music on the tv and got our craft on.  Pap-pap and Mum-mum get into town early Thursday for Thanksgiving.  They are
vising for a week.  We have lots more family coming into town for the Steelers game on the 29th.
Ian put together a thoughtful and fun itinerary, and I plan to take lots of pictures! 

Hand print turkeys are my favorite.  Emma's has hair because her thumb had a mind of it's own. 

I also made chocolate chip pancakes.  I bought a pancake squeeze bottle thing from Max's  fundraiser.  I attempted to make Max a spider and he looks at it and asks where the spinnerets were....I'm not that good at making shaped pancakes yet.  I don't even want to post the pictures, because they are sad.  I'll work on my pancake making and post some next time. :)

  I love the holidays.  LOVE.  I've been watching Thanksgiving episodes of cooking shows on Food Network today, and I'm getting excited about cooking.  I plan on buying many bottles of wine to keep things stress free.  On that note, I need to start making a list of things we need for our feast and week of family fun!  Happy Thanksgiving week!!!


  1. Ummm I want to be listening to that N*Sync album!! I really want to try the Not Your Father's root beer! I don't like beer, but I do like root beer, so I'm intrigued!

    1. You should!! It's really, really good!!