Birthday and More

I don't know if you remember me saying that before Thanksgiving I wasn't feeling that great.  Well the day before my birthday I found myself in the ER.  Turns out I have a very mild case of Bell's Palsy.  I spent a few hours in the ER making sure it wasn't anything more serious.  Thankfully it's not.  The right side of my face is numb.  It's noticeable when I laugh and my right eye blinks more slowly than my left eye.   Guess I had to start my birthday with a bang.  Here's to 33!

What's a hospital visit without a selfie?  I had to wear a mask because I had a cough.  So fashionable. Ian took a selfie of us as we were leaving.  He found the whole thing to be very funny.  He was full of jokes.  I found him not so funny.

My birthday was a good one.  My students spoiled me with gifts and homemade cards.  Then at home I was spoiled with surprises, no bake yellow cheesecake, and a fancy dinner with the husband. 

While John and Pat were here we went downtown to the library, which I had never been.  I was so excited!  I loved the building and all the books.  I could spend hours there! 

Emma loved it too!

This was our view from the front of the library. 

Sparkle is back!  He brought the kiddos matching jammies and A Charlie Brown Christmas.  When I saw these two in their jammies, I died.  So much cuteness.  

Totally posed.  I had them reach for the highest ornament. 

Max said something funny and Emma couldn't stop laughing. 

This weekend we need to finish decorating for Christmas and get a tree! I'm pretty excited....even if all my face doesn't show it. ;)


  1. Oh geez! I hope you are feeling better! How scary!

    I think I might have to break down and get the kids an Elf on the Shelf next year. Lee would love it!


    1. You should! It's so fun, and the excitement every morning is the best!

  2. I hope you feel better! Those pictures of Max and Emma are so cute! And I love the SPL, it is so cool!