Elf on the Shelf

Sparkle is back!! He was a couple days late, but I told the kiddos he got stuck in a snowstorm up at the North Pole.  When he arrived bright and early on Wednesday he had brought the kiddos Christmas placemats, new cups to drink out of, and some donuts.  Max and Emma were fans of the snowman he built.  I LOVE this time of year.  All the excitement from Max and Emma is contagious.  Oh to be young.

We were slacking at taking down the Thanksgiving decorations, so Sparkle decided to hand around....

The Transformers decided to play a game of Boom Boom Balloon with Sparkle.  Max and Emma had a good giggle with this, because we had played it the night before. 

Sparkle also brought the kiddos matching jammies and A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Fun times. 

This morning we found Sparkle stuck in a Christmas decoration.  Max asked why Sparkle would get inside in the first place.  Emma thought it was funny.   I reminded Max that Sparkle is sometimes silly.....

This Sparkle is one awesome and silly little Elf.  

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