Ian and I had talked about taking a day trip to Leavenworth, and I was super excited about for our adventure.  I had seen some pictures from Instagram, and it looked so pretty and festive.  So we started off our day trip.

Before we got to Stevens Pass it started to snow.  It was so beautiful.  I posted a video on Instagram of Max's reaction.  It was priceless.  He had been asleep, and when he woke up he saw that it was snowing.  Then it really started to come down.  So much so that we decided we better stay in Leavenworth overnight.  We were so not prepared for an overnight stay, but we made the best of it.

The center of town was decorated beautifully, and the snow added to the experience.  Emma had seen snow when she was a baby, but she had never walked or played in snow.  She was really hesitant.  She held onto my hand for dear life, and if I walked too fast for her, she would scream.

Snowball fight!  Emma did have gloves that she refused to wear.  Her little hands would touch the snow then she would cry, "My hands cold!"  The tears.  Oh the tears.

Max had a blur of fun.  He was all over the place.  He did numerous snow angels, fell in drifts of snow, and happily threw snowballs at us.

I couldn't get enough of the scenery.  So. Beautiful.

Today we started off our day sledding down a hill across from our hotel.  Max went down the hill a handful of times.  Emma went down one time and one time only.  I would have her walk towards me and she would walk so slowly and carefully to me.  She liked the snow, but definitely did not love it.

This picture makes me lol so hard.  He loved sledding like no other, but apparently coming down the hill was a little scary.

Max told Ian not to give him an extra push down the hill.

After sledding we went on a sleigh ride.  My most favorite part of our trip.  It was a magical winter wonderland.  There was a part of the ride where we went under snow covered tress and snow fell on top of us.

Our day trip may not have been what we expected, but it was so worth it.  All the snow.  All the laughs.  All the memories made.  #bestnondaytripever


  1. So gorgeous! My grandparents lived in Chelan and we would go every summer, and one year we stopped at Leavenworth. It's my dream to go in the winter though, with the snow and lights!

    1. It's so beautiful! Even prettier in person!