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One more week of school before Winter Break.  That's what's keeping me going.  My students are ready for it, I'm ready for it, we're all ready for it!  This week has been a busy one.  So busy that I didn't have time until today to go to the store to buy dish soap.  All the dishes in the sink will thank me.

Some of my favorite moments this week.  Max and Emma playing nicely.  Don't be fooled by the picture.  They have more moments of acting like they are opponents in the hunger games, but every once in awhile they play so sweet together.

Max made his own banner to hang up.  He did this all by himself.  The cutting, the gluing and the writing of letters.  It was the cutest thing ever.  

On the way to my classroom, we always go down his hallway.  He loves to show me his work hanging outside his classroom.  They've been doing a gingerbread unit, which he has loved.  He pointed out his gingerbread man and said, "Doesn't he look good?"  No shortness in confidence at all.  

We watched the Polar Express.  I have come to love this movie.  The first time I saw it in college, the characters kind of creeped me out.  Now though, we watch it every year.  Every year Max and Emma get so excited to watch the movie and snuggle.  Their excitement is contagious. 

Sparkle decided to be our tree topper. 

Then he decided to decorate our tree. 

Today one of my students brought me this picture she has been working on all week.  It's a drawing of all the girls in the classroom, me, a friend who has subbed for my class twice, Max and Emma, and their friends S and S.  I love this so much.  She drew each girl with their personality showing.  If you saw my class in person, you would be able to pick out each girl. 

My students made a picture with oil pastels for their parents.  I did the picture with them, step by step, and they all did so awesome!!  They are so excited to take it home next week. 

Here's hoping for a slow, relaxing weekend with my favorite people.  Happy weekend to you!

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  1. That drawing is so good! I could never draw that well when I was little. Actually, to be honest, I couldn't draw that well now!! I think the same thing about those paintings! They're better than what I could possibly do!