Well friends, I passed my test!!  Thanks for all the happy thoughts, prayers, and good vibes sent my way!

Max wasn't feeling good Friday.  He ended up with the stomach bug that we had last weekend.  He was bragging that he had a "poop hat trick".  I couldn't stop laughing.  Only my boy would relate his pooping to hockey.

Emma's latest conversations go something like this:

E: Mommy! Guess what?!
M:  What?
E: I ate a cookie at school!
M:  No!
E:  Yup! It was good!

E: Mommy! Guess what?!
M: What?
E: At school....I farted!
M: No!
E: Yup! It was stinky.

E: Mommy! Guess what?!
M: What?
E: Connor hit Gabby at school today!
M: No!
E: Yup! He was a naughty boy.

When I hear her say, "Mommy! Guess what?!" I know something good is going to be said.  She's so funny.  The way she tells stories is the cutest.   Hearing Max and Emma's conversations are even better.

Yesterday we went on a family walk.  The sun was shining, but it was cold.  We ended up walking with a raccoon and a moose.  I asked Emma what a moose said and she said, "Mooo!"  Max informed her she wasn't a cow.   I think this was the first long walk Emma's actually walked with us.  Normally she was either in the stroller or wagon.  She did really good.  She definitely walks at her own speed.  Slow.

She also walks crooked.  She was walking by me, and she was pushing me off the sidewalk because she wasn't walking straight.  She was too busy looking at the grass, the red berries, the rocks, the trees. Anything, but the sidewalk in front of her.  

I love this picture. The way Max was walking not holding Ian's hand, Emma wanted to do the same thing.  I told her she had to hold my hand because she's 2, and when she's 5 like Max she can walk by herself.  She sweetly replied, "Oh, I only 2?  Okay Mommy."

Our walk ends with having to walk up this steep hill.  Max wanted to race Ian.  Emma wanted to chase Ian, and I was chasing her.  We were giggling all the way up.  

Good times.  I'm not feeling too good.  I ended up napping for awhile yesterday.  I can't remember the last time I napped.  I felt a little better after I woke up, but my "stummy" as Max says isn't feeling the best,  I won't be bragging like Max, but it hasn't been the most fun weekend.  :)

Oh, and did you see that officially Gilmore Girls is getting the reboot?!  I. Am. So. Excited.  I seriously want to go visit the set and be in Stars Hallow.  I told Ian, and he looked at me like I had two heads and simply said, "No."  He just doesn't get it.  Gilmore Girls to me is like watching a Duke vs. North Carolina game in person for him.  Hello.  Same thing.  We had been talking about if we could remove one team from ever existing which teams would we remove.  I won't tell you the teams I said, because I have a feeling some of you would would get mad.  Ian said, "If I could remove one tv show from ever existing it would be Gilmore Girls."  I gasped.  Ummm...watch your mouth husband.  Such meanness.  Apparently he doesn't like all the talking they do.  I was watching an episode Friday and Max told me, "I don't want to watch the show with all the talking!" Rude.   Obviously from all this talking you can see just how much I love Gilmore Girls! 

Happy Sunday! 


Life Lately

This week started off with some excitement.  We do Student of the Week every Monday at our school.  Monday morning when they were announcing the names of the kiddos the first one was Max!  I was so excited for him and my class was just as excited!

Emma wanted to show off her owl sweater. 

Monday the sun was a shining, so after we picked up Emma we headed to the park.  It was a bit chilly, but the kids loved being outside.  It gave us a taste of what the summer holds for us. 

Emma was deathly afraid of the bridge.  She held on for dear life, and when I tried to help her she kept yelling at me that I was going to make her fall.  I couldn't stop laughing.  It was so funny, but so sad that she was that scared.  When she finally made it across she yelled, "I did it!"  On the other side there it's anything to do though, so I think she was mad that she had been so brave to find no fun on the other side. 

She found the way to the swirly slide and never looked back.  She went down this slide over and over again.  

She is a lover of all slides. 

The rest of the week is a blur.  There's a sickness going around at school.  A lot of kiddos and teachers were out.  This morning Max woke up with a "stummy" ache.  I had planned to take Emma to school, and Max to see Star Wars as a treat for being Student of the Week.  His tummy was hurting so bad he didn't want to go.  I talked him into it, and I think he's happy we did.  He loved it.  I loved it.  His tummy did hurt throughout the movie though, and now we're home and he's laying on the couch watching cartoons.  I think he has the stomach bug that Emma was so thoughtful to share earlier this week. 

Tomorrow I have to take my last test for my WA certification.  Send all your happy thoughts, prayers, and good vibes my way!! 

Have a great weekend.  Happy Friday! 


Kids' Candor

The wonderful people over at Kids' Candor were nice enough to send Emma a box of her own to check out.  Let me just say that the box alone with her name on it made her day.  She walked around carrying it letting Max know, "This is mine Max!  Not yous!"   Kids' Candor is a company that makes bilingual educational kits for kiddos ages 0-4.   Everything in the box is in both English and Spanish.

When we opened it up and saw all the goodies inside, I think I was the excited one!  Emma is all about learning, and I'm all about teaching her.  The kit Emma received was The Shapes Educational Kit.   All the items are quality items.  I wasn't worried that Emma was going to tear anything, break anything, or eat anything.   She went straight for the toy.  Sorting shapes by color and then matching them to the cutout in the cube kept her and Max busy for a solid half hour.  The activities are for 2 to 3 year olds, but honestly Max loved it just as much.  He even became the little teacher and was helping her with shape flashcards.

For the parents who may not know where to begin, it comes with activity cards. Each card tells you what materials you need (it all comes in the box!), directions and key words.  Fool proof!  There are over 20 activities in the one kit to do with your kiddo.

The monthly subscription is $25 (no shipping within the US).  They also have single kits, which are on sale as I type.  I'm eyeing The ABC kit or The Farm Animals.  Emma is obsessed with animals, or as she calls them aminals.

I died over how sweetly they played together.  He'd ask her what shape it was, and she'd answer.  Then he'd ask her what color it was.  Dead.   When it came to saying the shapes in Spanish, they both were repeating after me.  Again...dead.   

I thought the kit was awesome, but more importantly so did Emma and Max!  Happy kids=happy Mommy.   Also, quiet time because the kids are so into the educational toys makes for a happy Mommy too! 


Sharing is not Always Caring

One of my sweet students moved away and gave me a plant.  I've had it on the windowsill and pretty much forgot about it.  I pulled up the blind to check on it, and it had bloomed!!! So pretty and definitely brightens any rainy morning.  It has been raining quite a bit.  This morning we woke up and the sun was shining bright.  Emma yelled, "It's a sunny day!"  You can tell we haven't seen the sun around here in days.

Yesterday was my works Holiday Fiesta.  3rd grade was in charge of planning this years holiday party.  We decided to have it in January, because December is just a busy month.  Day of the party and Emma Girl wakes up with a stomach bug.  Ian's out of town, so I had to stay home.  Total bummer.  We ended up renting the Minions movie (again) and I told Max we could have a Minions Marathon.  He asked how long it would last and I said about  6 hours.  (Minions, Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2)  He said, "Woah, I don't think I can stay up that long."  We didn't actually make it through all the movies.  Emma Girl lived off of pedialyte and snuggles yesterday.  This morning she finally ate a sandwich for breakfast.  Emma was thoughtful and shared her stomach bug with me.  So sweet that girl. Sharing is not always caring. I'm hoping it's just a 24 hour thing.  She seems to be doing okay this morning.  Knock on wood. 

We had a dance party and were listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks radio station.  Max put on his new hoodie, a baseball hat backwards and was dancing up a storm.  Then he stopped and faced me and asked seriously, "Do I look cool Mommy?"  He totally did.

Emma tried having some fun, but it didn't last long.  She was a hot mess.  She was full of tears and everything made her cry.  Everything.  By the end of the night I wanted to join in on the crying.  Thank goodness Ian gets home today.  

Can you believe there's only one more week in January and we're on to the next month?  I always feel like time is moving by so quickly, but throw working full time into the mix and I swear I blink and the month is over.  

Happy Sunday.  


Happy Friday

Guys this felt like the longest week.  Ever. We've been BAS testing our kiddos at school, which finds their reading level.  You get awesome information from the test, but it takes forever.  I finally finished and my students showed so much growth from the beginning of the year!  We are starting book clubs on Monday.  I'm super excited!  We'll see if the kiddos are just as excited....

In the mornings or after school Max loves drawing on my white board.  He'll copy my schedule, or play Save the Cat (kid friendly version of Hang Man), or draw me pictures.  Can  you tell what he drew?  The picture starts off on the left with a dolphin playing with a beach ball near a tree.  The two people in the boats are going through a waterfall, but there are sharks waiting for them.  They shoot nets out (like Spiderman..duh) to save themselves from the hungry sharks.

Last weekend we went to the outlet stores to get Max and Emma shoes.  We got them a few outfits.  Max picked out this hoodie and his shoes.  He loves bright colors.  I can always spot him on the playground.  This kid makes me go all heart eye emojis.

Last week Max and Emma were playing.  I can't remember what they were playing, but Emma casually said, "Fuck." (sorry Mom)  I looked at her, Max popped his head up to look at her.  I asked her what she said, and she looks at me and says, "Fuck,"  Max is shocked and says, "Mommy!  Emma said the F word twice!"  I told Emma we don't say that word, and she giggled and said, "Ookayyy Mommy!"  I was telling my Mom about it on the phone while in the car and Max could hear.  I was telling her that it sounded cute when she said it, but I spelled out cute so Max wouldn't know.  I don't want him to think it's cute to say the F word.  I'm talking with my Mom and Max pipes in, "You spelled cute! C-u-t-e spells cute!"  He sounded it out.  Guess the spelling days are over.  He loves sounding out words.   He even gets to read a book to his classmates next week.  He's so excited.  

Well off to enjoy family movie night.  We're watching Hotel Transylvania 2.  Happy Friday!!  


A Great Visit

This past week my brother was here, and it was a great week.  He was such a help, and Max and Emma loved having him here.  Emma came with me to the airport to drop him off and she was fine until she saw him go into the airport.  She cried from that moment until we got home.  Poor girl.

I took the day off of work to spend the day with him.  Max and Emma also played hooky so that we could have some fun.  We went bowling.  Emma was doing great, but towards the end she wanted all the turns she could have to make all her pins fall down.  When I told her she only gets two, all hell broke loose.   She was scream crying, and I think my brother was embarrassed/stressed out with the scene she was putting on.  I didn't bat an eye.  #parenthood

Friday night I made a homemade pizza.  I've never made pizza dough before, but found a recipe that didn't call for yeast.  It came out good, but I think next time I'll spread garlic butter or put some other spices on the dough itself to give it some flavor.  

Yesterday we went to the Sky View Observatory on the 73rd floor of the Columbia Tower.  It's such an amazing view.  I see many future visits when we have family visiting us. 

Photo cred goes to Antonio. 

Max carried his Terrible Towel with him all day yesterday.  It only made sense to show our Steeler pride looking over the city of Seattle. 

Today this kid is ready for the game.  He's been playing football nonstop. I hoping for a great game that isn't too stressful. Happy game makes for a happy husband.  

Hope you all are having a great weekend!  Go Steelers! 


Life Lately

The first week back to work was an exhausting one.  We got all spoiled with sleeping in past 8:30, so Monday morning was a rude awakening for everyone in the house.  I will say getting back into the swing of things is what I love most.  Max came to my classroom after school on Monday and gave me a snowflake he made with a special note.  It's the sweetest thing, and I'm positive when I looked at him to say thank you I looked like the heart eyed emoji.  By the way, isn't his school picture the cutest?

Friday after school we were going to pick up a movie at Redbox.  We rented the Minions, which we had seen over the summer.  I didn't enjoy it one bit though because there was a man sitting behind us with no kid, that made me so nervous.  I couldn't even tell you what happened in the movie.  On our way to get it, this our view....heart eye emoji again.  I can't tell you how much I love the PNW.  The beauty here always amazes me.  Oh, and the second time around watching the Minions was more enjoyable.  It was the perfect choice for family movie night. 

We got a waffle maker for Christmas and I've used it every weekend.  I love it.  Love. It. Max and Emma got in on the helping of making of the yummy goodness.  They had so much fun adding the ingredients and stirring the batter. 

This pretty lady celebrated her 17th birthday over the weekend.  I was 15 she was born, and I can remember the day she came into the world.  I remember holding her for the first time and looking down at her little face.  It was love at first sight.  Since that day I've gotten to watch her grow up to be an intelligent, stylish, beautiful, great taste in music (she introduces me to new music all the time) caring, best Aunt to Max in Emma, best sister, and a wonderful young lady. I can't wait to see how this girl is going to change the world. 

The world is obsessed with Making a Murderer.  Ian tweeted the girl journalist with the glasses and asked her a question.  Now his tweet is in all these articles.  He's famous. I saw this picture in an article and it made me LoL.   I sent it to my mom and a friend.  #truth

Can we talk about the Steelers game yesterday?  Holy. Moly. The last two minutes were so stressful!!  I'm so happy the Steelers won!! Happy husband=happy family.  I just hope Big Ben and Antonio Brown are ready to go for next week. 

My brother comes in today for a week, and we are so excited!!  Hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend!!


Blogger Love

I love to share some blogger love on here every now and then.  If you are looking for some new blogs to follow, then I have a some for you to read up on!

You all know my love for blogs.  I heart eye emoji so many.  So. Many.  Jessica posted this on New Years, and the video is the sweetest.  Can we please be friends?

I got a Naked2 Palette over the holiday with a gift card I got for my birthday.  I've been looking up tutorials on my fave blogs for some inspiration.  Kate didn't use the Naked2, but there are similar colors in the palette that can be used, and I definitely want to try...maybe for a date night.

I came across a tweet about the January Meal Plan from The Gracious Wife, and I am excited to try it out!  She has a meal plan for breakfast, snack and dinner.  I love that there will be leftovers so we can take for lunch the next day.  Yum! Today I'm making her crockpot broccoli and cheddar soup.  Our house smells so good.

Mattie shared about her first look with her now hubby and the happiness shown through the pictures.  Lovely.  I wish Ian and I had done this!  It's such a special moment between the bride and groom that they get to share.  How gorgeous is her wedding dress?

Rachel shared the gender of first baby (and name!).  They found out just before Christmas, which made me think of when we found out we were having a girl.  I love her dress she has on by the Christmas tree.  Pretty!

Happy Reading!


New Years Eve

My best nine of 2015.  I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to play with all the other cool kids on Instagram.  Some pretty great memories if I do say so myself.  Our trip to Krispy Kreme, Celebratory margarita when I accepted my teaching job, getting certified to teach in WA, Max and Emma seeing Santa, Emma showing off her Elsa dress she got for her birthday, celebrating our 7 year anniversary with being all mushy, the magical sleigh ride in Leavenworth, TSwift's concert, and Emma girl falling asleep while she was eating because she skipped her nap that day.  Great memories.

Yesterday I made the crescent roll buffalo chicken wreath thing that Tip Hero was showing.  When it came time to make it, I couldn't find the video anywhere.  So I went to my trusty Pinterest and found a similar recipe.  It''s tasty!  Approved by all in the house.  I thought for sure it would be too spicy for Max and Emma with the buffalo wing sauce, but they ate it up.

We watched the New Years Eve show on ABC and there in the background is the NM state flag!  

Ian let the kiddos have a late snack of ice cream to give them a little sugar high to try and last until midnight.  Emma lasted until 11:30ish.

We watched local news for the firework show at the Space Needle, and it was so beautiful.  Max hung in there and lasted until past midnight.  He had some sparkling grape cider while Ian and I drank up some tasty champagne.  I added orange juice to mine, because mimosas are just so much better than champagne by itself.

Once Max passed out, Ian and I watched the top 100 viral youTube videos and laughed it up for over an hour.  The best way to start 2016.  

Happy New Year!!