Happy Friday

Guys this felt like the longest week.  Ever. We've been BAS testing our kiddos at school, which finds their reading level.  You get awesome information from the test, but it takes forever.  I finally finished and my students showed so much growth from the beginning of the year!  We are starting book clubs on Monday.  I'm super excited!  We'll see if the kiddos are just as excited....

In the mornings or after school Max loves drawing on my white board.  He'll copy my schedule, or play Save the Cat (kid friendly version of Hang Man), or draw me pictures.  Can  you tell what he drew?  The picture starts off on the left with a dolphin playing with a beach ball near a tree.  The two people in the boats are going through a waterfall, but there are sharks waiting for them.  They shoot nets out (like Spiderman..duh) to save themselves from the hungry sharks.

Last weekend we went to the outlet stores to get Max and Emma shoes.  We got them a few outfits.  Max picked out this hoodie and his shoes.  He loves bright colors.  I can always spot him on the playground.  This kid makes me go all heart eye emojis.

Last week Max and Emma were playing.  I can't remember what they were playing, but Emma casually said, "Fuck." (sorry Mom)  I looked at her, Max popped his head up to look at her.  I asked her what she said, and she looks at me and says, "Fuck,"  Max is shocked and says, "Mommy!  Emma said the F word twice!"  I told Emma we don't say that word, and she giggled and said, "Ookayyy Mommy!"  I was telling my Mom about it on the phone while in the car and Max could hear.  I was telling her that it sounded cute when she said it, but I spelled out cute so Max wouldn't know.  I don't want him to think it's cute to say the F word.  I'm talking with my Mom and Max pipes in, "You spelled cute! C-u-t-e spells cute!"  He sounded it out.  Guess the spelling days are over.  He loves sounding out words.   He even gets to read a book to his classmates next week.  He's so excited.  

Well off to enjoy family movie night.  We're watching Hotel Transylvania 2.  Happy Friday!!  


  1. I love his bright sweatshirt! So fun. I can't believe Emma said that! My dad was a professor at a community college (he retired a couple years ago) and when I was little I LOVED going to his classroom and writing on the whiteboard and overhead!

    1. I thought you were going to say you loved going to his classroom and say the F word! Haha