Kids' Candor

The wonderful people over at Kids' Candor were nice enough to send Emma a box of her own to check out.  Let me just say that the box alone with her name on it made her day.  She walked around carrying it letting Max know, "This is mine Max!  Not yous!"   Kids' Candor is a company that makes bilingual educational kits for kiddos ages 0-4.   Everything in the box is in both English and Spanish.

When we opened it up and saw all the goodies inside, I think I was the excited one!  Emma is all about learning, and I'm all about teaching her.  The kit Emma received was The Shapes Educational Kit.   All the items are quality items.  I wasn't worried that Emma was going to tear anything, break anything, or eat anything.   She went straight for the toy.  Sorting shapes by color and then matching them to the cutout in the cube kept her and Max busy for a solid half hour.  The activities are for 2 to 3 year olds, but honestly Max loved it just as much.  He even became the little teacher and was helping her with shape flashcards.

For the parents who may not know where to begin, it comes with activity cards. Each card tells you what materials you need (it all comes in the box!), directions and key words.  Fool proof!  There are over 20 activities in the one kit to do with your kiddo.

The monthly subscription is $25 (no shipping within the US).  They also have single kits, which are on sale as I type.  I'm eyeing The ABC kit or The Farm Animals.  Emma is obsessed with animals, or as she calls them aminals.

I died over how sweetly they played together.  He'd ask her what shape it was, and she'd answer.  Then he'd ask her what color it was.  Dead.   When it came to saying the shapes in Spanish, they both were repeating after me.  Again...dead.   

I thought the kit was awesome, but more importantly so did Emma and Max!  Happy kids=happy Mommy.   Also, quiet time because the kids are so into the educational toys makes for a happy Mommy too! 

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