Life Lately

The first week back to work was an exhausting one.  We got all spoiled with sleeping in past 8:30, so Monday morning was a rude awakening for everyone in the house.  I will say getting back into the swing of things is what I love most.  Max came to my classroom after school on Monday and gave me a snowflake he made with a special note.  It's the sweetest thing, and I'm positive when I looked at him to say thank you I looked like the heart eyed emoji.  By the way, isn't his school picture the cutest?

Friday after school we were going to pick up a movie at Redbox.  We rented the Minions, which we had seen over the summer.  I didn't enjoy it one bit though because there was a man sitting behind us with no kid, that made me so nervous.  I couldn't even tell you what happened in the movie.  On our way to get it, this our view....heart eye emoji again.  I can't tell you how much I love the PNW.  The beauty here always amazes me.  Oh, and the second time around watching the Minions was more enjoyable.  It was the perfect choice for family movie night. 

We got a waffle maker for Christmas and I've used it every weekend.  I love it.  Love. It. Max and Emma got in on the helping of making of the yummy goodness.  They had so much fun adding the ingredients and stirring the batter. 

This pretty lady celebrated her 17th birthday over the weekend.  I was 15 she was born, and I can remember the day she came into the world.  I remember holding her for the first time and looking down at her little face.  It was love at first sight.  Since that day I've gotten to watch her grow up to be an intelligent, stylish, beautiful, great taste in music (she introduces me to new music all the time) caring, best Aunt to Max in Emma, best sister, and a wonderful young lady. I can't wait to see how this girl is going to change the world. 

The world is obsessed with Making a Murderer.  Ian tweeted the girl journalist with the glasses and asked her a question.  Now his tweet is in all these articles.  He's famous. I saw this picture in an article and it made me LoL.   I sent it to my mom and a friend.  #truth

Can we talk about the Steelers game yesterday?  Holy. Moly. The last two minutes were so stressful!!  I'm so happy the Steelers won!! Happy husband=happy family.  I just hope Big Ben and Antonio Brown are ready to go for next week. 

My brother comes in today for a week, and we are so excited!!  Hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend!!


  1. I saw your husband's tweet in an article and was going to message you and ask if you saw it!! I was like, "Whoa that's Jennifer's husband!!!" Super famous. I also love that graphic with the lawyers, it cracks me up.

    That picture of the sunset is gorgeous. You just made me really want a waffle iron! Haha. Happy birthday to your sister!!!

    1. He's so famous. I rolled my eyes at him when he said he was tweeting with the journalist. Haha! Get a waffle iron! I'm obsessed!

  2. I need a waffle maker!
    Your sister is beautiful. My oldest sister and I are 15 years apart, too.
    Making a Murderer is next on our list after we finish Boardwalk Empire!
    The Steelers game was INSANE. My husband was on his feet the entire 4th quarter!

    1. Make sure you block out 10 hours straight where you can watch Making a Murderer. You'll want to binge watch for sure! Let's hope this weeks game leaves our husbands happy!

  3. I've been seeing the girl crush pics pics of the lawyer frequently and it still makes me laugh every time! :) I've been non-stop watching but I'm claiming it's my civic duty and not at all contributed to my Netflix addiction. LOL!