Life Lately

This week started off with some excitement.  We do Student of the Week every Monday at our school.  Monday morning when they were announcing the names of the kiddos the first one was Max!  I was so excited for him and my class was just as excited!

Emma wanted to show off her owl sweater. 

Monday the sun was a shining, so after we picked up Emma we headed to the park.  It was a bit chilly, but the kids loved being outside.  It gave us a taste of what the summer holds for us. 

Emma was deathly afraid of the bridge.  She held on for dear life, and when I tried to help her she kept yelling at me that I was going to make her fall.  I couldn't stop laughing.  It was so funny, but so sad that she was that scared.  When she finally made it across she yelled, "I did it!"  On the other side there it's anything to do though, so I think she was mad that she had been so brave to find no fun on the other side. 

She found the way to the swirly slide and never looked back.  She went down this slide over and over again.  

She is a lover of all slides. 

The rest of the week is a blur.  There's a sickness going around at school.  A lot of kiddos and teachers were out.  This morning Max woke up with a "stummy" ache.  I had planned to take Emma to school, and Max to see Star Wars as a treat for being Student of the Week.  His tummy was hurting so bad he didn't want to go.  I talked him into it, and I think he's happy we did.  He loved it.  I loved it.  His tummy did hurt throughout the movie though, and now we're home and he's laying on the couch watching cartoons.  I think he has the stomach bug that Emma was so thoughtful to share earlier this week. 

Tomorrow I have to take my last test for my WA certification.  Send all your happy thoughts, prayers, and good vibes my way!! 

Have a great weekend.  Happy Friday! 


  1. They are so adorable. I love that Emma needed to show off her sweatshirt and have a picture too. :)

    1. Thank you! She kept trying to get into Max's picture. :)