Well friends, I passed my test!!  Thanks for all the happy thoughts, prayers, and good vibes sent my way!

Max wasn't feeling good Friday.  He ended up with the stomach bug that we had last weekend.  He was bragging that he had a "poop hat trick".  I couldn't stop laughing.  Only my boy would relate his pooping to hockey.

Emma's latest conversations go something like this:

E: Mommy! Guess what?!
M:  What?
E: I ate a cookie at school!
M:  No!
E:  Yup! It was good!

E: Mommy! Guess what?!
M: What?
E: At school....I farted!
M: No!
E: Yup! It was stinky.

E: Mommy! Guess what?!
M: What?
E: Connor hit Gabby at school today!
M: No!
E: Yup! He was a naughty boy.

When I hear her say, "Mommy! Guess what?!" I know something good is going to be said.  She's so funny.  The way she tells stories is the cutest.   Hearing Max and Emma's conversations are even better.

Yesterday we went on a family walk.  The sun was shining, but it was cold.  We ended up walking with a raccoon and a moose.  I asked Emma what a moose said and she said, "Mooo!"  Max informed her she wasn't a cow.   I think this was the first long walk Emma's actually walked with us.  Normally she was either in the stroller or wagon.  She did really good.  She definitely walks at her own speed.  Slow.

She also walks crooked.  She was walking by me, and she was pushing me off the sidewalk because she wasn't walking straight.  She was too busy looking at the grass, the red berries, the rocks, the trees. Anything, but the sidewalk in front of her.  

I love this picture. The way Max was walking not holding Ian's hand, Emma wanted to do the same thing.  I told her she had to hold my hand because she's 2, and when she's 5 like Max she can walk by herself.  She sweetly replied, "Oh, I only 2?  Okay Mommy."

Our walk ends with having to walk up this steep hill.  Max wanted to race Ian.  Emma wanted to chase Ian, and I was chasing her.  We were giggling all the way up.  

Good times.  I'm not feeling too good.  I ended up napping for awhile yesterday.  I can't remember the last time I napped.  I felt a little better after I woke up, but my "stummy" as Max says isn't feeling the best,  I won't be bragging like Max, but it hasn't been the most fun weekend.  :)

Oh, and did you see that officially Gilmore Girls is getting the reboot?!  I. Am. So. Excited.  I seriously want to go visit the set and be in Stars Hallow.  I told Ian, and he looked at me like I had two heads and simply said, "No."  He just doesn't get it.  Gilmore Girls to me is like watching a Duke vs. North Carolina game in person for him.  Hello.  Same thing.  We had been talking about if we could remove one team from ever existing which teams would we remove.  I won't tell you the teams I said, because I have a feeling some of you would would get mad.  Ian said, "If I could remove one tv show from ever existing it would be Gilmore Girls."  I gasped.  Ummm...watch your mouth husband.  Such meanness.  Apparently he doesn't like all the talking they do.  I was watching an episode Friday and Max told me, "I don't want to watch the show with all the talking!" Rude.   Obviously from all this talking you can see just how much I love Gilmore Girls! 

Happy Sunday! 


  1. Congratulations on passing your test! I hope Max is feeling better!

    1. Thank you!! Max is on the mend! He stayed home from school and I think the extra rest was good for him. :)