Last weekend we had gone to the park on Mercer Island, because the weather was so nice.  We heart this park, and there is so much for the kiddos to do and you can walk down to the water.  Emma Girl wanted to swing on this red swing, but there was a little girl who didn't want to get off.  I told Emma we could go play on something else until she got off, and Emma refused to leave.  She stood by the swing just glaring at the little girl.  She finally got her turn, and loved every second of it.

Ah hoy mate!  I see slides! 

I love watching these two together.  They have a special bond. 

The view from the park is a pretty one.   We stayed by the water for a while and skipped rocks. 

Max recently celebrated the 100th day of school.  I saw his art work in the hallway, and had to snap a picture and send to Ian.  

He also wrote a book at school.  One page was what Max loves and the other he wrote for Emma and what she loves.  So. Cute. 

I had a super rough emotionally draining work week.  I made a little reminder to put on our classroom door for my kiddos to read when they leave.  They sometimes forget how to behave outside the classroom....

This weekend was one spent at home.  Emma had a 24 hour stomach bug.  Who knew so much puke could come from my sweet girl.  She was a trooper.  We also spent time deep cleaning the house.  Wild and crazy we were this weekend.   Last night Ian rented The Intern, more for me than him.  I really liked it!  Super cute with some hilarious parts.  

This coming up week is going to be pretty busy for us.  I have 3 meeting, in addition to tutoring a student after school two days.  Saturday Max has a birthday party. I was invited to watch a student of mine play basketball.  Then Sunday the soccer season starts for the Sounders.  March sneaks up on us Tuesday...let the madness begin. 


Life Lately

Guys, I'm on mid-winter break and I'm loving it!  I had never heard of such a break, but I will happily take it!  I kept Emma home with us this week, and she's been having a blast.  Her and Max are fighting more, because they are spending 24/7 together. They have their moments of playing so nicely, and then go back to screaming and chasing each other.

Both kiddos got haircuts.  Emma's bangs were way too long, and Max's hair was getting uneven in spots.  They love getting haircuts and the lollipops that they get at the end.  The ladies that own the place we go to are so nice.  They know us by name.
Emma has picture day last week, and I snapped a picture of her in her outfit.  

We went to the park yesterday and these two had some fun.  We met up with friends for a bit.  Emma had to go potty and for some dumb reason they lock the bathrooms in the winter.  Who ever made that decision must not have kids. We left, Max was mad and Emma was about to pee her pants. 

All the heart eyed emojis for this girl. 

So I finally used my Cricut that I got  for Christmas.  My world is forever changed.  I. Am. Obsessed.  I want to make all the pretty things I see on Pinterest. 

I found this idea and numbers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  

This morning we had friends over and I made us all cinnamon roll waffles.  Quite possibly the best waffle ever.  Max asked if we could have it again tomorrow.  

This afternoon we went to my classroom for a bit.  Max stopped to show Emma his drawing of Abraham Lincoln.  She said, "Oh wow Maxy!" I love when she calls him Maxy.  I also love that Max said Abe keeps toys in his hat.  Where else would you keep them?

I put up an Exit Slip (found at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Miss 5th is awesome!), and I am soooooo excited for school on Monday to start this with my kiddos! 

I also added a Voice Check, which I'm hoping will work.  My kiddos just know loud. 

Aren't those letters so pretty?  The Cricut is the best thing ever invented. 

I'm excited to use Levels of Understanding with my kiddos as well. Quick check to see who is getting what's being taught.  (Both Voice Check and Levels of Understanding are from Miss 5th's shop!)

On Tuesday I finally went and got a WA drivers license.  My license from AZ had a picture of me at 26, tanned right after my honeymoon, and it didn't expire until 2047.  I had to wait 2 hours and pay  $89 for a new one.  So sad. 

That's about all the excitement going on in the PNW.  Hope you guys are having a great week!!  Sorry for the lack of posts.  I'd say I'll get better, but I have a feeling the Cricut will take over all my free time. 


The Forgotten Post

I came across a few posts I never got to posting...I guess I was super forgetful last year.  Max and Emma look so small! On to the forgotten Post from January of last year.

Some of my favorite pictures from the past few days:

Uno Moo. Do your kiddos have this game? It's so cute and fun to play and to watch them play. H came over Wednesday and there was some serious gaming going on here. 

I put Emma's hair in a pony tail and all of her hair went up! It looked super cute for about 5 minutes before she messed it up. Oh well. 

We had pizza and game/movie night. Max and Emma made their own pizzas from Papa Murphy's. So. Ridiculously. Cute. 

Emma had pizza sauce on her forehead, so you know her pizza was good.