The Forgotten Post

I came across a few posts I never got to posting...I guess I was super forgetful last year.  Max and Emma look so small! On to the forgotten Post from January of last year.

Some of my favorite pictures from the past few days:

Uno Moo. Do your kiddos have this game? It's so cute and fun to play and to watch them play. H came over Wednesday and there was some serious gaming going on here. 

I put Emma's hair in a pony tail and all of her hair went up! It looked super cute for about 5 minutes before she messed it up. Oh well. 

We had pizza and game/movie night. Max and Emma made their own pizzas from Papa Murphy's. So. Ridiculously. Cute. 

Emma had pizza sauce on her forehead, so you know her pizza was good. 


  1. Wow they really are so little! How fun to stumble upon that old post. :)

    1. I start so many posts and then forget to go back to them....#bloggerproblems. :)

  2. How cute!
    We don't have Uno Moo, but I bet Lily would love it!