Life Lately

Well life just got a bit more busy, and I think it's going to be like that until June.  Max started baseball practice.  He has practice twice a week and then in April we had another day for games.  Thankfully he only has one more week of Lego Club and then a little bit will be taken of his plate.  When it came time for practice he was so excited.  He has been talking about it for a week, and the day finally arrived and he was all smiles.   It was fun to see his friends from t-ball, and we found out that he actually goes to school with two of the boys.  I had no idea!

 He looks so grown up this year!

My sister in law came to visit on her way to AZ for work.  We had a day full of fun yesterday.  We found ourselves at the aquarium.  Along with a million other people.  Emma loved the fish and would say that she found Nemo or spotted Dory.  It was super cute. 

They were dressed for the Sounders game. 

We also went to Pike's, which is one of my favorite places in Seattle. I could go here weekly and be happy every time. 

Look at those beauties. The flowers are always so beautiful and I want to buy them all!

We took Nicole to see the Gum Wall.  Always a gross favorite to see.   Emma's great at pretending to touch the wall.  She gets a good giggle out of it. 

Nicole and I went into a little chocolate shop and tasted some yummy goodness.  I could have tried one of each flavor, but I only had one. 

We ended out night at the Sounders match, which I didn't take pictures at.  Fail.  It was Nicole's first MLS game, and I was excited for her to experience a Sounders match.   The supporters section did not disappoint with their passionate ways.  The Sounders played hard, but the calls just didn't go their way.  There were two controversial calls that lead to penalty kicks.  I'm surprised at how much I've really come to enjoy watching soccer.  I can yell with the best of the fans.  

Happy Sunday friends!  I hope you have a great week!  My third graders are starting the big state test on Tuesday, so any happy thoughts, good vibes and prayers you can send them will be greatly appreciated!


Life Lately

Last weekend was the Sounders home opener.  Max and Emma were pretty excited to get to go to the game.  They got dressed in their Sounders gear and off we went.

They had to take a picture by the giant soccer ball.  They also had to touch it before they left. They were both amazed by how big it was. 

I also had to do a little collage of pictures I've taken of them on home opener days.  They both have changed so much in 3 years! 

We signed up Max for Lego Club at school, and he absolutely loves it.  On this day they had built a dump truck with battery pack to make it move.  I got there in time to watch Max take apart all the little pieces and know where to put them.  It was so cute.  

My students are so cute and creative.  They love to free write during recess and they started writing to each other in code.  I got my own letter.  

Yesterday we went for a walk to go check out the baby billy goats, but they weren't out.  So we went across the road to check out the miniature ponies.  Max and Emma were big fans.  I believe Emma said, "Oh they are sooooooooo cute."

There weren't any around when we first got to the fence, and then this one galloped over.  Then two more came at us.  They thought we were going to feed them.  Max wanted to feed them grass, but I told him no....which ruined his life.  

Emma quickly took her hand out when the pony started chopping his mouth.  She had an "OMG" moment and Max was over me ruining his life.   JK. I'm being dramatic.  Ian had asked if I let them pet the ponies and I gave an even more dramatic, "No!!" like he had asked if I let them feed a lion. Cute as they were, when they came charging towards us I kind of panicked. I'm not an animal person.  At. All.  I can admire from the other side of the fence, without petting any animal and being perfectly happy. 

We watched a lot of basketball yesterday.  When everyone fell asleep, I stayed up and watched NMSU make a comeback, tie it up with seconds left, and then lose it when the other team scored an amazing 3 pointer.  It was a slap in the face as my brother said.  Sadness. 

Hope you are well rested after daylight savings time.  I see some coffee in my future.  


Happy Friday

I picked up Max from school, and the first thing he said to me was, "Mommy, my stummy aches."  Damn you stomach bug!   He quickly changed the subject when we got into the car.  Our conversation, which was mostly one-sided went like this:

M: Mommy! Guess what?! Today we did a dinosaur dot to dot, and guess what?! Then we looked at dinosaur books, and guess what?! There was a dinosaur eating another dinosaur, and Mommy guess what?!
J: (Silence, because I'm waiting for him to just keep going with his story.  I look at him in the review mirror and he's patiently waiting for me to answer him.) What?
M: There. Was. Blood.
J: No!
M: Yup!

After we picked up Emma we came home and they both ran to the tree.  Isn't is such a pretty tree?  Max was looking at it and he said, "Woah, the tree looks like an umbrella."  Spring in WA is so, so pretty.  I love it more every year.

When we got inside Max told me all about his school work and let me know that  he couldn't wait to show me something he had done in class.  He started off with saying, "I did something, and it was really hard work."  When he pulled it out of his backpack, it was a 100s chart, and he had filled in all the numbers.  Super cute, and such great work.

Earlier in the day Ian and I had a serious conversation.

He makes me giggle. 

Here we are Friday, and I was super excited for the day.  Too bad I have one sick boy, and one girl who is in tears for everything (finished her drink, her jammies fell off while going potty, she doesn't want to eat the cereal she just asked for, she doesn't want to play her tablet she wants Max's...even though they have the exact same games, and the list goes on.).

Here's to less puke and less tears. Happy Friday, 


Sick in Bed

I'm typing this post from bed...sick.  I got Emma's stomach bug that she had over the weekend.  This one is a mean bug.  I went to school yesterday thinking I could tough it out.  No, I couldn't tough it out at all.  I ended up leaving after 12:00, and bringing Max home early.  Not only was I super sick, but I ruined Max's life because he loves school.  He loves it so much he was in tears when we were leaving.  #worstmomever  I made up for it though when we got home.  I took a good nap and let him play his favorite video games.  #bestmomever

The next pictures you see are from when I was feeling a millions times better than I am today.  Looking at this drink makes me nauseous.  Last Saturday though, I will tell you that I loved this drink.  So much so that I only let Ian take one sip.

The tree in our front yard is blooming and it's so pretty!  I hadn't noticed it, and then Max pointed it out.  It's my favorite tree in our yard. 

At school we started the Teach Happy Challenge for the month of March.  I had my kids write about what makes them happy at school.  One of my students was sweet talking me.  After he put it up on our Exit Slip chart, he walks to me and says that he thinks I'm going to be pretty happy when I read it.  Super cute. 

Random little stories from the week.  It was pouring on Tuesday and when Max was walking back to class from Music he got wet.  He told me, "Mommy!  I got soapin wet after music. Soapin wet!" I died.  He's so cute.  I didn't correct him either. 

Well...I guess I had a story.  I feel like I had more to share, but I can't remember right now.  I need to type up a note in my phone with the funny things Max and Emma do on the daily. 

Happy Friday eve.  I'm going to take a good nap, and hopefully start feeling better as the day goes on.