Life Lately

Last weekend was the Sounders home opener.  Max and Emma were pretty excited to get to go to the game.  They got dressed in their Sounders gear and off we went.

They had to take a picture by the giant soccer ball.  They also had to touch it before they left. They were both amazed by how big it was. 

I also had to do a little collage of pictures I've taken of them on home opener days.  They both have changed so much in 3 years! 

We signed up Max for Lego Club at school, and he absolutely loves it.  On this day they had built a dump truck with battery pack to make it move.  I got there in time to watch Max take apart all the little pieces and know where to put them.  It was so cute.  

My students are so cute and creative.  They love to free write during recess and they started writing to each other in code.  I got my own letter.  

Yesterday we went for a walk to go check out the baby billy goats, but they weren't out.  So we went across the road to check out the miniature ponies.  Max and Emma were big fans.  I believe Emma said, "Oh they are sooooooooo cute."

There weren't any around when we first got to the fence, and then this one galloped over.  Then two more came at us.  They thought we were going to feed them.  Max wanted to feed them grass, but I told him no....which ruined his life.  

Emma quickly took her hand out when the pony started chopping his mouth.  She had an "OMG" moment and Max was over me ruining his life.   JK. I'm being dramatic.  Ian had asked if I let them pet the ponies and I gave an even more dramatic, "No!!" like he had asked if I let them feed a lion. Cute as they were, when they came charging towards us I kind of panicked. I'm not an animal person.  At. All.  I can admire from the other side of the fence, without petting any animal and being perfectly happy. 

We watched a lot of basketball yesterday.  When everyone fell asleep, I stayed up and watched NMSU make a comeback, tie it up with seconds left, and then lose it when the other team scored an amazing 3 pointer.  It was a slap in the face as my brother said.  Sadness. 

Hope you are well rested after daylight savings time.  I see some coffee in my future.  


  1. They looked so cute dressed up for the game! XOXO Have a great week!