Life Lately

Well life just got a bit more busy, and I think it's going to be like that until June.  Max started baseball practice.  He has practice twice a week and then in April we had another day for games.  Thankfully he only has one more week of Lego Club and then a little bit will be taken of his plate.  When it came time for practice he was so excited.  He has been talking about it for a week, and the day finally arrived and he was all smiles.   It was fun to see his friends from t-ball, and we found out that he actually goes to school with two of the boys.  I had no idea!

 He looks so grown up this year!

My sister in law came to visit on her way to AZ for work.  We had a day full of fun yesterday.  We found ourselves at the aquarium.  Along with a million other people.  Emma loved the fish and would say that she found Nemo or spotted Dory.  It was super cute. 

They were dressed for the Sounders game. 

We also went to Pike's, which is one of my favorite places in Seattle. I could go here weekly and be happy every time. 

Look at those beauties. The flowers are always so beautiful and I want to buy them all!

We took Nicole to see the Gum Wall.  Always a gross favorite to see.   Emma's great at pretending to touch the wall.  She gets a good giggle out of it. 

Nicole and I went into a little chocolate shop and tasted some yummy goodness.  I could have tried one of each flavor, but I only had one. 

We ended out night at the Sounders match, which I didn't take pictures at.  Fail.  It was Nicole's first MLS game, and I was excited for her to experience a Sounders match.   The supporters section did not disappoint with their passionate ways.  The Sounders played hard, but the calls just didn't go their way.  There were two controversial calls that lead to penalty kicks.  I'm surprised at how much I've really come to enjoy watching soccer.  I can yell with the best of the fans.  

Happy Sunday friends!  I hope you have a great week!  My third graders are starting the big state test on Tuesday, so any happy thoughts, good vibes and prayers you can send them will be greatly appreciated!


  1. Oh my goodness, that gum wall is SO gross, but so awesome!

    1. It really is!! You can get a whiff of them bubble gum smell as you get closer.