Sick in Bed

I'm typing this post from bed...sick.  I got Emma's stomach bug that she had over the weekend.  This one is a mean bug.  I went to school yesterday thinking I could tough it out.  No, I couldn't tough it out at all.  I ended up leaving after 12:00, and bringing Max home early.  Not only was I super sick, but I ruined Max's life because he loves school.  He loves it so much he was in tears when we were leaving.  #worstmomever  I made up for it though when we got home.  I took a good nap and let him play his favorite video games.  #bestmomever

The next pictures you see are from when I was feeling a millions times better than I am today.  Looking at this drink makes me nauseous.  Last Saturday though, I will tell you that I loved this drink.  So much so that I only let Ian take one sip.

The tree in our front yard is blooming and it's so pretty!  I hadn't noticed it, and then Max pointed it out.  It's my favorite tree in our yard. 

At school we started the Teach Happy Challenge for the month of March.  I had my kids write about what makes them happy at school.  One of my students was sweet talking me.  After he put it up on our Exit Slip chart, he walks to me and says that he thinks I'm going to be pretty happy when I read it.  Super cute. 

Random little stories from the week.  It was pouring on Tuesday and when Max was walking back to class from Music he got wet.  He told me, "Mommy!  I got soapin wet after music. Soapin wet!" I died.  He's so cute.  I didn't correct him either. 

Well...I guess I had a story.  I feel like I had more to share, but I can't remember right now.  I need to type up a note in my phone with the funny things Max and Emma do on the daily. 

Happy Friday eve.  I'm going to take a good nap, and hopefully start feeling better as the day goes on. 


  1. Hahaha 'soapin wet' is so hilarious and cute. What is that drink?? And what's on the rim? Is it just colored sugar/salt? Or is it like...cayenne or chili powder or something? Hahaha.

    1. I don't even know what the drink is called! I saw other people drinking it, and asked for what they were having! It's chili powder, but it was also sweet. I didn't ask questions, I just drank up.