Monday started off hot.  It was a high of 89.  Tuesday was just as pretty, and we found ourselves at the park where we had a picnic and walked by the water. Every time the kids saw a guy running without a shirt they would laugh and say, "Ewww!"  I was only mortified once, because they did it as the guy was running right by us.  I hope he had his music full blast and wasn't paying attention to us.  I had to have a little chat with them and let them know what they were saying wasn't nice, and they were running without their shirt because it was hot out.  Kids....

On Wednesday Max played catcher.  I could not stop giggling over the cuteness of him with all the gear on.  Before he was catcher he wanted to do it so bad.  He kept letting coach know that he hadn't been catcher yet.  It was his turn, and he was all smiles.  Could barely walk with all the gear on.  When he got in his catchers stance and the ball was coming at him, I think he got a little nervous.  It turned more into dodge ball.  He was so cute though.  

Emma pays no attention to the games at all.  I don't even know if she knows we're there to watch Max play.  I think she thinks we're awesome because we brought her to the park to play.  

Max painted this at school, and he's always so proud to walk by his class and see his work hung on the wall.  He loves his teacher, and I'm not sure if he realizes that next year he won't have her.  I also ruined his school loving life when I told him that during the summer he doesn't have school.  

Pap-pap and Mum-mum are here visiting!  They came to Max's game yesterday.  Max was playing first base.  The other team was up to bat, the kid hit the ball to Max, Max stopped it, and ran to tag the base and got the kid out!  It was such a good play!!   

Max is also Special Person in his class this week.  He has been waiting for this moment since his teacher talked about it at the beginning of the school year.  He started working on his poster last night.  It's so adorable to listen to him answer the questions on the poster.  I'll be sure to Snap (jenwink08)  a picture of him and most likely filter it up on Instagram

Today we're going to spend the day with Mum-mum, and then get ready for the week.   I can't believe it's the last week in April.  Less than two months of school left, Emma turns 3 next month, my Mama comes to visit in June, and only a million more baseball games!!!  Oh the excitement! 

Happy Sunday friends!  I hope it's nice and relaxing before your week starts. 


My Favorites

Hey guys! Happy weekend!!  The weather is absolutely gorgeous out, and we spent a good part of our day outside.  I thought I would share some of my favorites from the week!

We saw the billy goats on our way home the other day, so we quickly changed when we got home and went for a walk.  Walks take forever with two kids who love blowing dandelions and making wishes, especially Emma.  When they saw this on our walk, they were so excited!

Max brought home his March morning workbook and on the back of pages they always write down something to brighten their day.  I found this, and my heart almost burst.  

I finally got my teacher certificate after passing the 5 tests I needed to, and so now I'm totally official.   I also was told I would be given a continuing contract next year, and was so flippin' excited.  #bestweekever

Max had his first baseball game today.  I was a bit nervous, because at a couple practices ago he got hit with the ball.  He said he didn't want to play baseball anymore.  He's been so scared when it's his turn to bat.  Today he hit the ball (twice!) and you could just see his confidence level rising.  He also made 3 awesome stops.  He had so much fun, and at the end of the game said how he was excited for next game! 

I mean, how cute is he?

These boys are the cutest.  When their teammate is up to bat they chant for him the entire time. It's so adorable.  They also high five when a teammate comes back into the dugout.  All the heart eyes. 

Emma was of course making wishes.  I don't think she even knew there was a baseball game going on.  

Don't forget about the giveaway


SwaddleDesigns (Review & Giveaway)

I remember when both Max and Emma were newborns we would swaddle them up into little burritos, and it never failed they would always manage to get one arm out.  I found this picture of Emma that shows just how well of a swaddle escape master she was as a newborn.  I always thought I was the master at swaddling, and then a few minutes later I'd look over, and my little ninja had one arm free.  Really sneaky, or I was just really bad at swaddling...you be the judge.

Okay so both of her hands came free. #swaddlefail

Look, nicely swaddled and his tiny little covered hand is already coming out!! 

SwaddleDesigns reached out and asked me to review their swaddle blankets and host a giveaway.  Some lucky baby is going to get so be swaddled in the cutest and softest muslin swaddle blanket! SwaddleDesign is local, which is pretty cool.  Their designs are beyond adorable, and if I had a newborn in my house, I would buy all the blankets.  I'm not even kidding.  Back to that newborn I don't have...well since I, myself, don't have a newborn baby to actually swaddle (I did think about going and finding one I could borrow for a picture or two...I only thought about it,) let's talk about the blankets, and the brains behind the company.

Lynette came up with the idea when she saw family members or friends struggle with swaddling their newborns because the blanket was so small, too think, and some couldn't remember the right way to swaddle.  (ahem....look at above pictures.)   All of the swaddle blankets have a 1-2-3 tag sewn on that shows step by step pictures of how to swaddle.  Genius.   The patterns on the swaddle blankets are beyond adorable.  Panda, Fox Moon and Posies Pink are my top favorites, but go check out all the patterns, because you will want them all.

The swaddles also make for a stylish cover up while breastfeeding, a soft, sweet playmat for tummy time, and an adorable sunshield.  If you or someone you know is going to have a baby soon, be sure to enter the giveaway!!!


Moves Like Jagger

Happy Sunday guys!  I'm not that happy, because it's the last day of spring break.  Max is super excited that he has school tomorrow, because in case you didn't know....he loves school and would live there if he could.  Yesterday we went for a walk that turned out to be just over an hour and a half.  We stopped at the little park to play.

Emma was watching Max out of the corner of her eye because they kept racing to the steering wheel that's at the end of the play structure.  Who ever go there first could drive.  It caused arguments and tears. 

Max posed because you guessed it, he wants this picture for his special person poster. Notice his socks..  We're leaving the house and he pulled his socks as high up as they would go.  This was right after he was yelling at Emma that they weren't racing, but only because she beat him.  If you follow me on SnapChat (jenwink08) you can saw the special clip of him talking so sweetly to his sister. 

We walked by so many dandelions and this girl would pick them all.  She loves blowing and making wishes.  Maybe that's why our walk lasted so long.  We had many wishes to make. 

We were walking back home and Moves Like Jagger was on Pandora.  We listened to Alvin and The Chipmunks station, and they play all our favorite jams.  Max was feeling the music.  I could not stop laughing.  He's so funny. 

Today is also Sibling Day, so in honor of the special day a collage of my siblings.  They make me so proud to be their big sister. I miss them so much, and wish we all lived in the same place.  July can't come quick enough, so I can see this faces in person. 

Let's be honest,  this is probably the last post for awhile, because life is going to get a million times more busy.  Back to work, baseball practice, baseball games, soccer games, planning a certain almost 3 year old's birthday party for next month, and what ever adventures life has in store for us.   Until next time! 


Blue Skies

Friday is such a great day.  Probably my favorite day of the week, along with everyone else.  Today we ventured to Queen Anne.  We parked by Kerry Park and walked a couple blocks to Molly Moon Ice Cream. That sentence makes it sound like we found the place easily.  Not the case.  We got a little lost because I was supposed to go straight on one of the streets, but I was in a right hand turn only.  There was also quite a bit a traffic, because hello...Seattle.  I was stressed out by the time we actually parked, and my phone was only at 10% battery.  No room for error once we left.

Anyways, back to the ice cream.  A friend had posted a picture of it a couple weeks ago, and it was all I could think about.  It's a cute place.  Max ordered a scoop of chocolate, Emma wanted pink which means strawberry, and I went away from my normal chocolate loving heart and got honey lavender.  I should have stuck with chocolate.  Honey lavender was okay, but not my fave. Max and Emma gave mine a try, and both were dramatic about wanting to spit it out.  A little embarrassing.  Just a little.

I loved the napkins. I didn't want to use them to clean messy faces. 

Kerry Park.  This is my favorite place

Talking a walk through the Queen Anne neighborhood.  The houses are gorgeous and I would gladly live on this block. 

We ended the night with dinner by the lake with friends while the husband went to a hockey game.  This spring break has been the best.  I've enjoyed spending every minute with my little loves, and I cannot wait for summer break.  10 weeks....let the countdown begin!  Oh, and can we talk about Grey's for a minute?  How does this show stay so good?  Every week I love it more.  I text my bff every Friday to profess my love for the show.  So. Good. AND Sookie is coming back to Gilmore Girls.  Best week ever guys. 


Family Hike

Yesterday we went hiking and I think it's something that we'll be doing more of this spring/summer.  We had so much fun.  I brought the Ergo just in case Emma wanted to be carried.  The Ergo holds up to 45 pounds, and Emma is at about 30 pounds.  She wants to do everything on her own these days, and she'll gladly yell and with attitude, "I'm a big girl!"  So she started off strong.

We came up to a waterfall, and the kids were so excited!  Max was ready to stop right away for a snack break, but we urged him to keep on hiking and we'd stop on our way back.  

Again, he was all about the pictures for his special person poster.  Photo shoot while hiking-check!

Emma wanted in on the photo shoot.  These two are the best and have so much fun on any adventure we're on. 

After our hike Ian stopped and got a treat for the kiddos and then quickly drove to a beach park nearby so they could enjoy every lick. 

Our evening ended with watching Max at his baseball practice.  He got hit on the hand with the ball from the pitching machine, and after that he was hesitant to hit the ball.  Poor kid.  He put on a brave face though and kept on trying.  His first game is next week!

Happy Friday!!  Today we'll spending the day outside...with more ice cream.  The kids don't know.  It's spring break!  We're living it up! 


Running Wild

Wednesday started off bright and early with teeth cleaning.  Max is still not a fan of the dentist after everything that happened with his throat.  He panics and thinks they are going to stick something down his throat.  Makes for a stressful visit....That's him trying to push her hands out of his mouth. 

This girl, however, had a great visit and wanted to go back right after we left.  She did such a great job listening and following directions.  Both have no cavities. Woohoo!

After we left we headed to Volunteer Park, which we had never been to, and met up with Lindsay.  We had so much fun exploring and  Lindsay showing us around.  It's such a beautiful park, and the play area is pretty amazing.  Max and Emma had 2.5 hours worth of fun.


We checked out the conservatory and it was so pretty!  Max and Emma lead the way and had fun walking through the "forest" as Max kept saying.  

Max kept telling me to take his picture.  He wants to have pictures for his special person poster at school when it's his week.  He created his own photo shoot.

Emma is one brave girl.  The entire time there she was fearless.  At the playground she was climbing a rope ladder and crossed a rope bridge several times.  She was a climbing pro.

I mean, how pretty is that view.  I can't tell you enough how I never tire of seeing the Space Needle.

Exploring Volunteer Park was so much fun, and the weather was absolutely perfect.  This city has so much to see, and is just so pretty.  When we left we headed home for a late lunch and then met up with our new friends that we met Friday.  Max, Emma, O and E became instant bffs.  It's so funny to listen to them talk and watch them play.  Emma passed out the minute we got home.  She was exhausted from all the fun that was had. 

We're going hiking today!  I'll see you back here tomorrow to share our hiking adventures.  Don't get too spoiled with all these posts.  Spring Break is almost over.  Sad. Face. 


Dresses and Baseball

Spring break was off to a great start.  Monday we didn't do much.  Stuff around the house.  Nothing too exciting to blog about.  Yesterday we went and saw Zootopia.  Max ran into a friend from school, and we sat by him and his grandma.  It was so cute.  Max and Emma were a fan of the movie.  I thought it was funny and adorable. Emma sat through the whole thing, so that right there tells me it was good!  

Later in the day we went with Ian to the eye doctor.  This place had an awesome play area for kids.  Max and Emma did not want to leave!  Notice Emma's dress.  The girl is obsessed with skirts and dresses lately.  So much so that she wants to wear her outfit to bed, and then again the next day.   Max wouldn't look at me for a picture.  He was too into the toys. 

After we left we went to Max's baseball practice.  He got hit in the face with the ball, which put a damper on practice for about 10 minutes.  Once he got over it, he had fun.  There were only 4 boys, and they practiced fielding, and Max did so great.  He's pretty good at stopping the ball, and has an arm to throw.  They practiced hitting and Max hit it about 6 times.  Mostly foul, but he got a solid hit and ran for first base.  I still can't get over the cuteness. 

Emma wanted to play too.  I distracted her with letting her put on a helmet, which she wore most of the time.  It was so funny.  She was playing soccer while wearing it. 

I think she would have taken it home with her if she could...the bat in the background is Max's.  Emma took a practice swing and I was trying to stop her from hitting the fence.  She ended up hitting my hand.  She has a good swing and it hurt like a mother effer. 

Random story.  Yesterday morning I was caring Emma downstairs.  I slipped off the second step and ended up falling down the stairs.  I hit my left side of my back and left arm.  Emma was perfectly fine and was sitting there looking at me cry.  Max woke a few minutes later and was like, "You fell down the stairs?!  I thought it was the toilet seat falling!"  Ummm...no. 

Today has been so fun!  I'll save it for another post.  I will tell you, we explored a new park with a friend/coworker of mine.  We're heading back out into the sun to go play at the park with some new friends we met on Friday.  See you back here tomorrow!