Blue Skies

Friday is such a great day.  Probably my favorite day of the week, along with everyone else.  Today we ventured to Queen Anne.  We parked by Kerry Park and walked a couple blocks to Molly Moon Ice Cream. That sentence makes it sound like we found the place easily.  Not the case.  We got a little lost because I was supposed to go straight on one of the streets, but I was in a right hand turn only.  There was also quite a bit a traffic, because hello...Seattle.  I was stressed out by the time we actually parked, and my phone was only at 10% battery.  No room for error once we left.

Anyways, back to the ice cream.  A friend had posted a picture of it a couple weeks ago, and it was all I could think about.  It's a cute place.  Max ordered a scoop of chocolate, Emma wanted pink which means strawberry, and I went away from my normal chocolate loving heart and got honey lavender.  I should have stuck with chocolate.  Honey lavender was okay, but not my fave. Max and Emma gave mine a try, and both were dramatic about wanting to spit it out.  A little embarrassing.  Just a little.

I loved the napkins. I didn't want to use them to clean messy faces. 

Kerry Park.  This is my favorite place

Talking a walk through the Queen Anne neighborhood.  The houses are gorgeous and I would gladly live on this block. 

We ended the night with dinner by the lake with friends while the husband went to a hockey game.  This spring break has been the best.  I've enjoyed spending every minute with my little loves, and I cannot wait for summer break.  10 weeks....let the countdown begin!  Oh, and can we talk about Grey's for a minute?  How does this show stay so good?  Every week I love it more.  I text my bff every Friday to profess my love for the show.  So. Good. AND Sookie is coming back to Gilmore Girls.  Best week ever guys. 

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