Monday started off hot.  It was a high of 89.  Tuesday was just as pretty, and we found ourselves at the park where we had a picnic and walked by the water. Every time the kids saw a guy running without a shirt they would laugh and say, "Ewww!"  I was only mortified once, because they did it as the guy was running right by us.  I hope he had his music full blast and wasn't paying attention to us.  I had to have a little chat with them and let them know what they were saying wasn't nice, and they were running without their shirt because it was hot out.  Kids....

On Wednesday Max played catcher.  I could not stop giggling over the cuteness of him with all the gear on.  Before he was catcher he wanted to do it so bad.  He kept letting coach know that he hadn't been catcher yet.  It was his turn, and he was all smiles.  Could barely walk with all the gear on.  When he got in his catchers stance and the ball was coming at him, I think he got a little nervous.  It turned more into dodge ball.  He was so cute though.  

Emma pays no attention to the games at all.  I don't even know if she knows we're there to watch Max play.  I think she thinks we're awesome because we brought her to the park to play.  

Max painted this at school, and he's always so proud to walk by his class and see his work hung on the wall.  He loves his teacher, and I'm not sure if he realizes that next year he won't have her.  I also ruined his school loving life when I told him that during the summer he doesn't have school.  

Pap-pap and Mum-mum are here visiting!  They came to Max's game yesterday.  Max was playing first base.  The other team was up to bat, the kid hit the ball to Max, Max stopped it, and ran to tag the base and got the kid out!  It was such a good play!!   

Max is also Special Person in his class this week.  He has been waiting for this moment since his teacher talked about it at the beginning of the school year.  He started working on his poster last night.  It's so adorable to listen to him answer the questions on the poster.  I'll be sure to Snap (jenwink08)  a picture of him and most likely filter it up on Instagram

Today we're going to spend the day with Mum-mum, and then get ready for the week.   I can't believe it's the last week in April.  Less than two months of school left, Emma turns 3 next month, my Mama comes to visit in June, and only a million more baseball games!!!  Oh the excitement! 

Happy Sunday friends!  I hope it's nice and relaxing before your week starts. 

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