Dresses and Baseball

Spring break was off to a great start.  Monday we didn't do much.  Stuff around the house.  Nothing too exciting to blog about.  Yesterday we went and saw Zootopia.  Max ran into a friend from school, and we sat by him and his grandma.  It was so cute.  Max and Emma were a fan of the movie.  I thought it was funny and adorable. Emma sat through the whole thing, so that right there tells me it was good!  

Later in the day we went with Ian to the eye doctor.  This place had an awesome play area for kids.  Max and Emma did not want to leave!  Notice Emma's dress.  The girl is obsessed with skirts and dresses lately.  So much so that she wants to wear her outfit to bed, and then again the next day.   Max wouldn't look at me for a picture.  He was too into the toys. 

After we left we went to Max's baseball practice.  He got hit in the face with the ball, which put a damper on practice for about 10 minutes.  Once he got over it, he had fun.  There were only 4 boys, and they practiced fielding, and Max did so great.  He's pretty good at stopping the ball, and has an arm to throw.  They practiced hitting and Max hit it about 6 times.  Mostly foul, but he got a solid hit and ran for first base.  I still can't get over the cuteness. 

Emma wanted to play too.  I distracted her with letting her put on a helmet, which she wore most of the time.  It was so funny.  She was playing soccer while wearing it. 

I think she would have taken it home with her if she could...the bat in the background is Max's.  Emma took a practice swing and I was trying to stop her from hitting the fence.  She ended up hitting my hand.  She has a good swing and it hurt like a mother effer. 

Random story.  Yesterday morning I was caring Emma downstairs.  I slipped off the second step and ended up falling down the stairs.  I hit my left side of my back and left arm.  Emma was perfectly fine and was sitting there looking at me cry.  Max woke a few minutes later and was like, "You fell down the stairs?!  I thought it was the toilet seat falling!"  Ummm...no. 

Today has been so fun!  I'll save it for another post.  I will tell you, we explored a new park with a friend/coworker of mine.  We're heading back out into the sun to go play at the park with some new friends we met on Friday.  See you back here tomorrow! 

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