Family Hike

Yesterday we went hiking and I think it's something that we'll be doing more of this spring/summer.  We had so much fun.  I brought the Ergo just in case Emma wanted to be carried.  The Ergo holds up to 45 pounds, and Emma is at about 30 pounds.  She wants to do everything on her own these days, and she'll gladly yell and with attitude, "I'm a big girl!"  So she started off strong.

We came up to a waterfall, and the kids were so excited!  Max was ready to stop right away for a snack break, but we urged him to keep on hiking and we'd stop on our way back.  

Again, he was all about the pictures for his special person poster.  Photo shoot while hiking-check!

Emma wanted in on the photo shoot.  These two are the best and have so much fun on any adventure we're on. 

After our hike Ian stopped and got a treat for the kiddos and then quickly drove to a beach park nearby so they could enjoy every lick. 

Our evening ended with watching Max at his baseball practice.  He got hit on the hand with the ball from the pitching machine, and after that he was hesitant to hit the ball.  Poor kid.  He put on a brave face though and kept on trying.  His first game is next week!

Happy Friday!!  Today we'll spending the day outside...with more ice cream.  The kids don't know.  It's spring break!  We're living it up! 


  1. Ahhh they are so cute! I think I need to spend this entire weekend outside...with ice cream!!

    1. Thank you! Ice cream is a must on a sunny day!