Hello, It's Me

I'm on Spring Break this week guys, and I cannot tell you how happy I am!  I love working, but I am so excited to spend a full week off with Max and Emma.  Fun times ahead!  So the month of March kind of flew by.  Baseball started for Max, Easter came and went, and then before I knew it it was April 1st.  Life of a teacher on April Fool's Day is hearing the same joke a million times throughout the day.  "Your shoes untied!.....April Fools!"  Love to hate that day. 

On to the pictures!  Max is in machine pitch baseball this year, and that machine pitches the ball so fast! Max loves it though and always has a smile on his face. 

They always start practice with stretching and running around.  It's always the cutest (and funniest) thing to watch these 5 and 6 year olds attempt to stretch. 

Emma has been loving the sun.  We took Max to a park to practice his hitting, and Emma spotted flowers and immediately started picking some for me.  Super sweet. 

Easter was a fun one.  We colored eggs on Saturday.  Both Max and Emma had so much fun.  We had a Minions pack, so they made an army of Minions.   On Sunday we went to our friend's house.  They hosted a hunt for the kiddos.  It was pouring and hailing.  It was more of an extreme sport than a casual egg hunt. The kids had fun!   

Afterwards Emma wanted to eat a pink one.  So I cracked and peeled it so she could eat it...the tears.  She wanted it to be pink again.  This girl cries for everything.  Everything.  She's so stinkin cute though.

I asked Max to look at me and smile, and he looked...over my shoulder.  He was pretty pumped up about the Minions he made.  So much so that when they were done they wanted to watch Despicable Me 2. 
Photo cred: Emeral

One of my friends from high school moved to WA, and it makes me so happy!  She has a little boy Emma's age.   We met for a girl's night.  I had so much fun, and it was nice to have a night to catch up, have some girl talk and drink wine.  I also tried brussels sprouts for the first time and I am a fan! 

Leaving school one day Max was eager to share that he and his classmates traced each others shadows and wrote on the ground.  One of his classmates wrote, "I love Max" and I just about died.  It was so cute and he was so bashful about showing me. Then he said, "I wrote I love her too, because she wrote that she loves me." Die.  

Friday the sun was shining, it was the beginning of spring break, and so we went to a park near by.  Max and Emma met their new bff who was the cutest little girl.  She has so much energy and a wild imagination.  She told them she was a princess poodle and the play structure was her castle.  Max and Emma played along and it was so fun to watch. 

Every morning at school when we walk to my classroom we pass a map of the US.  We stop and Max is up to naming 30 states.  It's pretty awesome and he's kind of obsessed with it.  The Easter Bunny brought him a puzzle of the US, and we spent Saturday putting it together.  300 pieces.  The box said large pieces, but they weren't so large.  When we were almost done Max said that he was bored, and didn't want to do it anymore.  We finished. I don't think we'll make it again for awhile. 

We walked to see the baby billy goats which apparently are never out when we go for a walk.  Emma was making wishes the entire way there.  We did visit the miniature ponies that come charging to the fence.  They may be miniature, but they are scary. 

Saturday we went to another park near us.  Max was determined to cross the monkey bars.  A lady came up to me and asked if I was the one who sold her cloth diapers 2 years ago.  I did!  Totally random.  She now has 3 kids with one on the way.  Small world. 

Emma is obsessed with skirts.  Obsessed. She dressed herself, and I didn't say anything about her lack of matching.  You have to pick your battles, and with this one....I choose wisely. 

There you have it.  Life over the past few weeks.  I may not be updating here regularly but follow me over on Instagram or my oh so exciting SnapChat (@JenWink08) to see what we're up to!  Happy Monday!!  Oh, and go Tar Heels! 


  1. Purple is so good! We went for my birthday in October during restaurant week (plus we got a $50 gift card as a wedding gift). We got the brussels sprouts there too and they were soooo good.

  2. I'm going to have to buy brussels sprouts and attempt to make them...with bacon of course. :)