Moves Like Jagger

Happy Sunday guys!  I'm not that happy, because it's the last day of spring break.  Max is super excited that he has school tomorrow, because in case you didn't know....he loves school and would live there if he could.  Yesterday we went for a walk that turned out to be just over an hour and a half.  We stopped at the little park to play.

Emma was watching Max out of the corner of her eye because they kept racing to the steering wheel that's at the end of the play structure.  Who ever go there first could drive.  It caused arguments and tears. 

Max posed because you guessed it, he wants this picture for his special person poster. Notice his socks..  We're leaving the house and he pulled his socks as high up as they would go.  This was right after he was yelling at Emma that they weren't racing, but only because she beat him.  If you follow me on SnapChat (jenwink08) you can saw the special clip of him talking so sweetly to his sister. 

We walked by so many dandelions and this girl would pick them all.  She loves blowing and making wishes.  Maybe that's why our walk lasted so long.  We had many wishes to make. 

We were walking back home and Moves Like Jagger was on Pandora.  We listened to Alvin and The Chipmunks station, and they play all our favorite jams.  Max was feeling the music.  I could not stop laughing.  He's so funny. 

Today is also Sibling Day, so in honor of the special day a collage of my siblings.  They make me so proud to be their big sister. I miss them so much, and wish we all lived in the same place.  July can't come quick enough, so I can see this faces in person. 

Let's be honest,  this is probably the last post for awhile, because life is going to get a million times more busy.  Back to work, baseball practice, baseball games, soccer games, planning a certain almost 3 year old's birthday party for next month, and what ever adventures life has in store for us.   Until next time! 

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