Running Wild

Wednesday started off bright and early with teeth cleaning.  Max is still not a fan of the dentist after everything that happened with his throat.  He panics and thinks they are going to stick something down his throat.  Makes for a stressful visit....That's him trying to push her hands out of his mouth. 

This girl, however, had a great visit and wanted to go back right after we left.  She did such a great job listening and following directions.  Both have no cavities. Woohoo!

After we left we headed to Volunteer Park, which we had never been to, and met up with Lindsay.  We had so much fun exploring and  Lindsay showing us around.  It's such a beautiful park, and the play area is pretty amazing.  Max and Emma had 2.5 hours worth of fun.


We checked out the conservatory and it was so pretty!  Max and Emma lead the way and had fun walking through the "forest" as Max kept saying.  

Max kept telling me to take his picture.  He wants to have pictures for his special person poster at school when it's his week.  He created his own photo shoot.

Emma is one brave girl.  The entire time there she was fearless.  At the playground she was climbing a rope ladder and crossed a rope bridge several times.  She was a climbing pro.

I mean, how pretty is that view.  I can't tell you enough how I never tire of seeing the Space Needle.

Exploring Volunteer Park was so much fun, and the weather was absolutely perfect.  This city has so much to see, and is just so pretty.  When we left we headed home for a late lunch and then met up with our new friends that we met Friday.  Max, Emma, O and E became instant bffs.  It's so funny to listen to them talk and watch them play.  Emma passed out the minute we got home.  She was exhausted from all the fun that was had. 

We're going hiking today!  I'll see you back here tomorrow to share our hiking adventures.  Don't get too spoiled with all these posts.  Spring Break is almost over.  Sad. Face. 


  1. Volunteer Park is awesome! Michael's dad works for a nonprofit, and they have a Seattle 'office' which is in one of the super fancy, huge, old houses near there, so we would often walk to/through Volunteer Park when he was in town!

    1. I got lost trying to find the park and driving around the neighborhood...those houses are gorgeous!