SwaddleDesigns (Review & Giveaway)

I remember when both Max and Emma were newborns we would swaddle them up into little burritos, and it never failed they would always manage to get one arm out.  I found this picture of Emma that shows just how well of a swaddle escape master she was as a newborn.  I always thought I was the master at swaddling, and then a few minutes later I'd look over, and my little ninja had one arm free.  Really sneaky, or I was just really bad at swaddling...you be the judge.

Okay so both of her hands came free. #swaddlefail

Look, nicely swaddled and his tiny little covered hand is already coming out!! 

SwaddleDesigns reached out and asked me to review their swaddle blankets and host a giveaway.  Some lucky baby is going to get so be swaddled in the cutest and softest muslin swaddle blanket! SwaddleDesign is local, which is pretty cool.  Their designs are beyond adorable, and if I had a newborn in my house, I would buy all the blankets.  I'm not even kidding.  Back to that newborn I don't have...well since I, myself, don't have a newborn baby to actually swaddle (I did think about going and finding one I could borrow for a picture or two...I only thought about it,) let's talk about the blankets, and the brains behind the company.

Lynette came up with the idea when she saw family members or friends struggle with swaddling their newborns because the blanket was so small, too think, and some couldn't remember the right way to swaddle.  (ahem....look at above pictures.)   All of the swaddle blankets have a 1-2-3 tag sewn on that shows step by step pictures of how to swaddle.  Genius.   The patterns on the swaddle blankets are beyond adorable.  Panda, Fox Moon and Posies Pink are my top favorites, but go check out all the patterns, because you will want them all.

The swaddles also make for a stylish cover up while breastfeeding, a soft, sweet playmat for tummy time, and an adorable sunshield.  If you or someone you know is going to have a baby soon, be sure to enter the giveaway!!!


  1. :O The hedgehogs and pandas!!! Love!

  2. Are they not adorable?!! The designs are the sweetest!