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Hi!  I know, you're probably thinking, "It's about time Jennifer!"  Guys, work has been so crazy. Throw in baseball games, family visit, Mother's Day, and a whole bunch of other things and it leaves no time for blogging.  Until today that is.  So let's just jump right into a little update for you.

Our school had a Kinder Countdown for incoming Kinders.  I helped out with set up and each Kinder teachers asked their class something that you get to do as a Kinder  I found Max's picture and started to giggle.  I love the his self portrait.  This kid is so adorable!
Teacher Appreciation week at school was amazing!  Our PTA spoiled us rotten as did our class.  My kiddos know the way to my teacher heart with coffee, chocolate and homemade cards.  We had these sweet cookies that were almost too cute to eat!
Baseball games have taken over our lives.  Just kidding.  Only two days out of our already busy week.  Max has been catcher 3 times now, and I think this last time he's finally starting to enjoy it a little.  It's so freaking cute to see him in all the "armor" and try to run after the balls. 
We have been going on walks/runs. These two love being outside.  We still have to stop anytime they see a dandelion to make wishes.  It definitely makes our walks longer, but you can never make too many wishes.  Right?
Max made me a tea cup with tea for Mother's Day.  With a little "Go Hawks" because he seems to think I like the Seahawks.  Sweet boy.
The inside of the card, with my very own pot of wheat.  They grew it in class, and he was so excited to give it to me on Mother's Day.  My heart nearly exploded for the cuteness.
Blowing bubbles is always a favorite of ours.  Popping the bubbles is even more fun. Of course my kids take it so seriously.

With hot sunny days comes running through the sprinklers.  We can't wait for summer.
School has been so busy with testing.  We are finally done!!  This coming week I have a field trip, bingo book night, two baseball games, playoff hockey to watch (Go Pens!), and lots of coffee being had.  Emma wanted a Doc McStuffins party, but changed her mind and now wants a dinosaur party.   School will be over in June, which seems so far away, but not.  We've had a rough few weeks, and I feel like life isn't giving us lemons, but throwing them at us. 
I'm already exhausted thinking off all that we have to do in the next couple months.  I'm so ready for summer!!
Happy weekend!  Have some fun!


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  1. Haha I love that Max threw in the Seahawks thing (not because I'm a fan of them--I'm not!). Didn't you say you've had students give you Seahawks colors stuff just because they know you're not a fan?? I think Michael would flip out (internally to me...not to the kid!) if our kid one day gave him something that said Go Hawks hahaha (he haaaates them).