Last Day of School

Here we are on the last day of school for Max and myself.  I can't believe that the year is already over!  We had an amazing year at our school.  For Max, his teacher was hands down the absolute best.  He learned so much this year, made friends, learned to read, and developed a love for school that I hope continues to grow with each year.  This kid genuinely loves school.  He asked so sweetly if after the weekend, school could start again.  He also professed that he wants to be in Kinder with his teacher for the rest of his life. 

For me, I was nervous at the beginning of the year.  I had been a SAHM for 3 years.  I was starting teaching again at a new school with new people.  I was sending Emma to daycare to be with strangers so that I could go back to work.  I can't say enough how lucky I am with the school I'm working at.  I've said it before, but I hit the jackpot.  The school is amazing, and I love the people I work with.   I learned a lot this year, made new friends, and got my teaching groove back.  After I had Max, I had lost some of the love I had for teaching.  Well it's back! 

I can't say I'm like Max to where I want to the next school year to start after the weekend, but when summer ends I don't think I'll be too upset about it. 

Some pictures from Spirit Week, which you probably already saw if you follow me on Instagram. Max had so much fun during the week.  The last day was color day, which I failed to take a picture because they have late start.  I left early and never took a picture.  He wore all read though, and looked super cute.


Tomorrow I don't have to set my alarm!  AND my Mama comes for a visit!!!   Happy Tuesday friends!!

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