Life Lately

Here we are in June.  The countdown until school is over is on people!   May went by fast and furious. I was so busy with work.  Emma Girl turned 3!!  We had a small party for her and her friends, and she had so much fun!  Originally she had wanted a Doc McStuffins party, so I went with  different shades of purple and pink for her party.  Then she wanted a dinosaur party.  She became obsessed with dinosaurs and would talk about them and her dinosaur party.  Goodbye Doc, hello dinos!
I added greens, blues and yellows into the mix.  Stayed up late the night before her party and made dinosaurs galore.   Her roar is still on our door, and she loves to call it her roar.
We went to order her a cake and they didn't make dinosaur cakes, so we went with a background and added our own dinosaurs.  She wanted a chocolate cake with strawberry filling.  We cut into the cake and it was vanilla!  #majorfail   I didn't take pictures of her party. #momfail

The day after her party we went to a friend's unicorn themed party.  Over the weekend we had 3 parties (Max's baseball party, Emma's and friends), and we were so exhausted Sunday afternoon!
Today Max has his very first field trip.  He is so excited and has been talking about it for weeks.  Ian gets to go with him, and I'm a tiny bit jealous.  I get to hang with little lady, and we plan on having some fun of our own.  She wants to go on a field trip too, so we'll be heading to the park and exploring. Should be a fun day for all!
Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Haha I love her dinosaur obsession! And so exciting that Max has his first field trip!

    1. He had a blast! He was nonstop talking about it the minute he got home.