Birthday Party Weekend

This weekend was all about celebrating friends and celebrating their birthdays.  One birthday was for a special 7 year old who wanted to do some painting for her birthday.  Each kiddo was able to choose what they wanted to paint.  Emma picked a bunny and Max picked a dragon.  They then were able to pick 3 colors to paint with.
As always my kids taking the task at hand so seriously. 
Emma painted her bunny a sweet pink color and then painted the face blue...which then led her to painting the whole thing blue.  I'll take a picture of the finish product when we get them.
We also celebrated a birthday boy turning 3.  He had a monster jam party that included a monster truck jumpy house.  Max and Emma were in jumping heaven.  They pretty much jumped for 4 hours straight.  They slept so good last night. 
So...you may have heard about a new game, Pokémon Go.  I've seen people tweet about it and post about it on Facebook.  Well I downloaded it.  Hello addiction.  We saw so many people out and about today playing it.  When my sister comes to visit we are so going Pokémon hunting.
Have you joined Chipotle's summer rewards program?  I heart Chipotle.  The other day Ian surprised me with some along with their Chiptopia card.   For signing up I got free chips and guacamole.  Umm yes please!  We will be visiting my fav place more often this summer for sure.
Olay, well we're off to go Pokémon hunting...don't judge.  Go download the app and have fun!

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