Case of the Mondays

It's summer so really there should be no case of the Mondays.  Leave it to my normally sweet Emma to have a major case.  She woke up at FOUR in the morning.  Then it took her about an hour to go back to sleep.  She woke up for the day around 6:30.  When she woke up, I think she made it her mission to torture Max.  Poor kid woke up at 7 and had no idea what he was in for.....

Emma is sassy.  She always has been and probably always will be.  I love that about her, but when she takes it up a notch she can be difficult to reason with.  The littlest things that shouldn't make a person upset will piss her off.  For example, yesterday we were playing at the basketball court and she was throwing her bouncy ball around.  It was bouncing right at me, so I stopped it and rolled it to her.  She stopped in her tracks, crossed her arms and gave me the dirtiest look. She then pouted and refused to pick up her bouncy ball.  Okay then....  Example 2: her and Max have been going crazy saying potty words.  They think it's hilarious.  Well it's not.  I'm so tired of hearing the words poop and fart.  I was doing the dishes and Emma wanted a piece of candy.  I told her no and explained that she's not getting one because she continues to use potty words after I've told her not to.  The girl looks me dead in the eyes and says without any hesitation, "Okay Fart."  In her words I feel like she's telling me, "F you!"  I. Was. So. Mad.  Max fell to the ground in a heep of laughter.  I, of course, was even more mad.  He was sent to his room.  Emma was sat on the couch where I gave her a stern talking, and she ended in tears.  She thinks her tears work on me, and sometimes they do, but not last night.  Nice try little lady!

Before we had any fun she needed a nap, so nap we did! When we woke up we went to 7 Eleven for a free slurpee.  Then headed to the park to hunt some Pokémon.  It was so funny walking around and seeing everyone else playing the game.  Max and Emma also needed to run off their little sugar high they were on after drinking their slurpee.

Emma got tired walking towards the end and wanted me to carry her.  So we had to take a selfie.  Doesn't she look so sweet?  You'd never even know she had a morning/afternoon of meltdowns.  
On our walk they were looking at the water.  They are so cute.  All the heart eyes for these three.
Today Max has a friend's birthday party to attend.  He's so excited to see some of his classmates. Today I will be functioning on coffee.  Emma hasn't been sleeping well, which means I haven't been sleeping well.   Oh and as I type Emma is starting with the potty words, and Max is quick to tattle.  Maybe I need wine....at 9 in the morning. Just kidding.  Maybe.

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