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Hey guys!  Hope you are having a fun holiday weekend!  I thought I'd stop by and fill you in on what we've been up to.  I had plans to blog more frequently since schools been out, but life always happens.  Sometimes life gives you lemons, and sometimes life throws them at you.  A few good ugly cries puts everything in to perspective though, and life goes on.
My Mama came to visit for a week.  One of the days we went to Seahurst Park.  I had never been, but Max and Ian went there for a field trip. Max was eager to show us everything he had learned about, and be our little guide.  It's a beautiful place. 

After we had worked up an appetite we went to have dinner at Caliburger, which is a knock-off of In-n-Out burger.  We all enjoyed a good cheeseburger and fries cali-style. Yum! 
Ian then took us to check out the campus of the University of Washington.  Holy moly.  The campus is huge!! I couldn't get over just how beautiful it is, and Max and Emma had fun running around.   While there we had passed a pay phone and just as we walked by it rang.  It gave me the creeps. 
We played some Frisbee.  Max learned how to play at school.  He's pretty good!
I mean, how beautiful is this view?  It totally made me think of Gilmore Girls. 

The kiddos and I went to see Finding Dory with my Mom.  We went to a theater that was remodeled about 6 months ago.  All the seats are recliners.  It's super fancy, cozy and takes movie watching to a new level.  The movie was super cute.  Both kids had to go to the bathroom, so I missed probably the best part of the movie. Oh well...I'll wait until it comes out on dvd.
I took Max and Emma swimming the other night.  They had fun, and I see many more trips to the pool in our future this summer!  I died over their swimsuits. 
Max and Emma were watching a bunny hop around the yard, and I got Emma in this pose.  The girl is full of sass all.the.time.
Emma and I walked to a farmers market that's close by and picked up some fruit.  She kept saying, "Oh I'm excited Mommy!"  Then after we left she kept saying, "That was so fun Mommy!" We will walk there weekly.  The fruit is halfway gone already! 

We also watched every single Star Wars.  One a night, and we loved them all.  Max is on a Star Wars kick.  I had seen 1-3 and 7, but I had never seen 4-6.  All so good.
July is going to be a fun month!  Birthday parties, camping trip and a family wedding where I get to see family I haven't seen in 3 years!  Some of them have never met Emma!  I'm excited!
Happy 4th of July weekend!!  May it be filled with fun, food and fireworks!

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