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Happy Thursday!  This week is going by so fast, and time does fly when you're having fun.  On our way up to camping we stopped at the outlets to buy the kiddos some shoes.  Emma Girl got this pair along with the shorts and she was pretty in pink.  Or Pinkalicious, which is her fav book right now.
We went walking around the mall the other day and Max saw this movie poster with his name, so obviously we had to take a picture.
Emma was in heaven.  She loves when you hold both her hands while she's walking and she can swing while she walks.  She also loves Grandpa and Grandmom.
We went to The Museum of Flight, and we had so much fun.  They have a cute area for the kids to play.  They also had an exhibit that's very hands on, and we all had a blast. 


Max and Emma loved all the planes, especially the ones we could go into and check out.
As we were leaving they started playing the Star Wars theme song, and both kids started humming up a storm. 

The Kids Port was the cutest spot.  They were able to use their imaginations to be passengers, airline workers,  and pilots.  So cute to watch, and if you follow on me on SnapChat (jenwink08) you saw the cuteness for yourself!

Yesterday we went to my favorite place in Seattle.  Pikes Place Market.  I love walking around there, and would go every day if we lived closer.  We saw the Gum Wall, which is always grossly cool.  We've never added gum to the wall, and yesterday we did!!  Max is the diagonal line, Emma's is the green blog underneath, and mine is the green heart on top.
Last night Ian and I took out my parents to dinner.  We went to Wild Ginger.  I started off my dinner with a mango mojito, and it was delicious.  I could have easily drank two, but I stopped after one because I was feeling good.   Dinner there is served family style.  Don't think Buca Di Beppo, because the portions are way smaller.   It was nice to have a long dinner with just adults.  My brother and sister watched Max and Emma for us.  So sweet.  They played quite a few games, where I'm sure Max won because he's the most competitive kid ever. 
We have a few days left with family and there is more fun to be had!  I probably won't post anything until next week.  If you want to keep up with our adventures be sure to follow me on Instagram (Jenwink08) and SnapChat (jenwink08).
Ian made it Facebook official, so it's okay for me to share here....our family is moving to Georgia!!  I have loved every minute of living in Washington.  WA is where Emma was born.  WA is where I found my love for teaching again.  WA is where I made such amazing friends, and I'm going to miss them terribly.  WA is where I'm living a piece of my heart.   I'm excited for our future and the many adventures we're about to have as a family. 

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