Our weekend trip to Portland was a quick one.  We saw family that we hadn't seen in 3 years!  We have been to Portland before, but this time we did a little exploring downtown. 
This fountain is cool because you can walk underneath it and not get wet.  We watched several people ride bikes, push strollers and run around. 
Our purpose for going was for my cousin's wedding.  These two looked so cute.
We got Emma's dress and Max's pants from H&M.  I heart eyed Emma's dress so hard.  She wanted to sleep in it that night and threw a major fit when we didn't let her.

The kiddos made it through most of the mass, but we went outside after communion and SnapChatted selfies, because what else would we do? 
Ian made a stop at Voodoo Donuts, because hello cookies and cream donut.  I wanted an ODB, but no luck.  Thanks Ian.
We said goodbye to my family yesterday, which was extra sad.  I had a good ugly cry.  It was sadder this time around because we're moving.   All the emotions made me such a basket case.   The next couple weeks are going to be full of stress, tears and excitement.  You better believe I'll be documenting it all. Ha!
Happy Monday friends!  Hope you have an amazing last week of July!! 


  1. Their wedding outfits are precious! I wish you hadn't had such a quick weekend down here, I would've loved to meet up! NOO I'm sad you didn't get your ODB! That's my favorite one!

    1. I would have loved to meet up too!! I guess it's a good thing that he didn't get me the ODB, because I would have eaten it all by myself.