There is Good

The world we live in is a scary place.  Bad things are always happening.  Most of the time the bad things are happening to innocent people.  You turn on the news and it highlights all the negativity around us.  By the time you're done watching you feel depressed, helpless or maybe even angry.
I don't even know what to say about the hatred that is going on in the world...in the US.  It feels like every day there's a tragedy that happens.  A new hashtag.  More violence.   When is it going to stop? 
I look at Max and Emma, and I just want them to live in a world with no hate.  Where people don't see skin color as something that divides us.  Where people can love who they want without being judged.  Kids are so innocent.  When they see something for the first time and their eyes light up with excitement.  I can't watch the news with Max and Emma in the room.  They see something bad and they get scared.  I don't want them to be scared.   I just want to protect them from all the bad. 
We need to make a change.  There's good in the world.  There are good people of all races.  There are good police officers.  There is good
Some good in my life.  These two.  I pray they make a difference in our world.  That the light of excitement never goes out of their eyes, and they focus on the good around them.

There is good.