Weekly Lessons

Linking up with my girl, Mattie, today and Lexi for their Weekly Lessons.

Let's jump right in....

1. Never take kids to the store with you. Just kidding. Kind of. Lately Max and Emma act like wild animals when we go to the store or even the library. We went to the library and while I'm trying to check out our books, Emma is crawling on the floor. Max thinks it's funny and follows the leader. I kept angry whispering at them to stop and reminding them we don't do that in the library. They could of cared less and my angry whispering did nothing. Nothing. 
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2. Buy a crockpot if you don't have one. I love mine. We had friends come over and I had bbq chicken going while we went to hang out at the pool. When we came back it was ready to eat! Also they have these crockpot liners you can use and clean up is easy peasy! (Thanks Mom)

3.  Get my workout done in the morning. If I don't, then most likely I won't. I've been doing Tone It Up and I like to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Brothers & Sisters while I'm doing it. I was watching KUWTK and Emma asked what I was doing. I told her working out. Another episode had started when I was done, and Emma happily shouted, "Another work out is on!" I couldn't stop laughing.  

4. I need coffee in the morning. I just do. It's better for us all if I have my coffee. 

5. I'm missing WA. Today is the first day of school at the school I worked at. I miss my teacher friends. I miss that I won't see my students from last year as 4th graders. All. The. Tears. I'm learning that there are people you meet in life that just leave an impression on you. Doesn't matter if you know them for months or years. I'm missing my teacher friends a lot. 

6. Patience. I'm finding I lack patience at the end of the day. Then when Max or Emma don't listen to something I've asked them to do 5 times, and it's just a viscous circle of fights that don't need to happen.  Maybe I need wine. Just like I need coffee in the morning. I need wine in the evening. Ha! 

Happy hump day! 



Today I took a break from unpacking and Emma and I went to the mall.  The mall by our place is pretty nice.  Last time we were there Emma really wanted to ride the bunny on the carousel.  When we went to ride it though, another little girl had gotten on the bunny.  Today, Emma was going to ride the bunny.  We're waiting in line with a handful of people.  Wouldn't you know a little girl makes her way to the freaking bunny.  I asked the lady if we could wait for the next ride, and she said we could.  Emma was going to ride the damn bunny before we left.   So we waited in line.  The carousel goes around a million times.  Maybe because it's a week day and not many people are there.  I was getting nauseous just looking at it go round and round. 

Bunny!  She was so happy. 

Afterwards we went to the play area so she could burn some energy.  There was a girl playing that Emma desperately wanted to play with.  She kept asking her, "Can I please play with you?"  Only the little girl was with her brother and playing with him.  Emma was so sad.  She marched to me and arms crossed said, "I'm not playing with that friend, okay!?"  Okay. 

We went to the library and checked out some books.  I had forgotten my card at home and asked the librarian if I could still check out books.  She was a jokester that one and told me I better hope I can or I was going to have some angry littles with me.  She was so very true.  I had to show her my drivers license.  She sees it's a WA license and tells me, "I can't believe you left Washington to move here."  I didn't know how to respond, so I didn't. 

When we got home Max jumped on the couch with one of the books.  Emma went to sit by him, and before I knew it Max was reading to Emma.  I was dying over the cuteness. #heartexplode  I mean, I snapped it, insta-storied it, instagrammed it, and sent it to Ian.  Overboard sharing?  Never.  I'm probably going to Facebook it as well, because it's the sweetest moment that I want to remember forever. 

Today is Meet the Teacher at the school I taught at last year.  I'm missing my friends in WA something fierce today. GA is feeling like home.  Home is wherever Ian, Max and Emma are, and so GA is home.  All the corniness. 

Have a great day, friends!



Emma is 3 going on 16.  She is full of attitude, sass and straight up diva.  She gets angry at the littlest of things and her tantrums/anger outburst are big.  Sometimes I want to laugh at her outburst and other times I have to count to 10 to not have an outburst of my own.
I mean, can you just feel the attitude from this picture?  Behind those glasses she's probably rolling her eyes and silently cursing at me.
Even with all the attitude there is the sweetest girl. She will walk up to me and kiss my arm.  She still loves for me to hold her at night.  If she ends up in bed with us, she likes to have her hand on my arm to know that I'm there.  The sweetest.
I took the kids to a fountain to cool off in the heat.  They loved it.  Loved it.  I was sweating buckets, but they have been wanting to go so bad, and today was the perfect day for splashing in the water.
Right before I told them they had 7 minutes left.  When time was up Max came right to me for his towel.  Emma on the other hand, stayed on the opposite side of the fountain.  She continued to play and acted as if she couldn't hear me calling her name.

So I told her bye and grabbed our things.  She ran so fast to me and yelled at me, "Mommy! I was coming to sit down!"  Right.

She's a total threenager. I can only imagine how she'll actually act at 16. Lord, help me. 


Birthday Fun

We had some birthday fun on The Dark Side for Max.  It was Star Wars all weekend and Max couldn't of been happier.

A quick look at my sweet boy over the years enjoying some sugary goodness.
Max started off the day with opening a gift from Grandmom, Grandpa, Uncle and Auntie. It was a Darth Vader pillow buddy. He has been inseparable and if you follow me on SnapChat (JenWink08), you saw that! 

We found ourselves at a bowling/arcade because one of my tires needed replacing. Max beat Daddy at air hockey. I love this picture so much.  We played video games and car racing where Emma and I got beat. 

Then we went to a place called Area 51 in Roswell. There were no aliens, but there were cut outs for the kids to take pictures.

Max has been wanting to play miniature golf since before we left WA. He loves it.  There were two courses to choose from, and Max picked the Chattahoochee Gulch, and it was a cute course.  Emma saw the little houses and wanted to go play. 

Emma lasted about 3 holes into the game, and then she was done.  She did get a hole in one!  Max had so much fun.  He's so competitive and he wanted to win. He gets that from his Daddy for sure.

After miniature golf Ian took Max to the Lego Store to pick out some presents.  Emma and I went to Target to pick up Max's cake.  We also picked up Pie Face (Max has been wanting this game), a Darth Vader shirt and puzzles which happen to be Dark Side puzzles.  His cake turned out so great.  I went to put candles and I put FIVE.  Ian was like, "Uh, aren't you going to put six?"
His smile is the best.
After cake we FaceTimed with my family.  I took this picture from my sister's SnapChat.  Thanks, Alicia!
The rest of the night and weekend were spent playing Pie Face, putting together the Legos he picked, putting together a puzzle and swimming!  It was pretty great.
I can't believe Max is 6.
Well...now I have some major fun waiting for me.  Unpacking boxes.  Yay...


Birthday Survey {Six}

Favorite Food
Beans and rice from Chipotle.
Favorite sport:
Favorite show:
Best Friend:
Favorite thing to learn right now:
Umm...about letters.  The sounds they make and the words they make.
The thing I do most awesomely is:
If I could go anywhere in the world:
Washington because I like it.
Favorite color:
When I grow up I'm going to be...:
A Pokémon trainer (I asked this while he was watching Pokémon) Basketball player.
Current favorite song:
I have a lot.
Favorite book:
Under the Ocean
Three words that describe me:
Funny, silly and......he thought long and hard, but I'm adding competitive.
My favorite season:
Winter because of the snow!
Favorite snack:
Pirate's Booty
One food that I dislike:
If I had one wish it would be..:
To go to LEGOLAND, and there's one here...I already know.

Max is SIX

6 years ago today, our lives were forever changed.  Our sweet Max came into the world.  I still remember the day like it was yesterday.  Last night while putting Max to bed Ian was telling Max his birth story, and he was interested in the story for about 5 seconds.   I think I loved hearing it more.  I remember waking up in the middle of the night and thinking my water broke, but I wasn't sure because I had never been in labor before.  I even googled how to know if your water broke, because mine wasn't a gush of water that you see in movies, and because google knows all.  I remember the pain of the contractions and waiting not so patiently for an epidural.  I remember sleeping so good once I got the epidural, and thinking labor is a piece of cake. I remember my Mom getting there and then everything starting to happen.  I remember the moment I heard Max's sweet cry.  I think that's the only time a crying baby is the best sound.  

Now I want to go look at Max's baby pictures and cry.  6 years....holy moly does time fly.  Yesterday I dropped off cupcakes for Max to celebrate with his classmates.  He was so excited.  I loved seeing him with his classmates and had to keep myself from hugging and kissing him because it was just so cute.  I kept my cool though. Moms everywhere would be proud.

His teacher uses Class Dojo and you are able to send messages.  During the day I looked at my phone and saw this picture.  All the feels.  I'm so happy that he has a teacher who was thoughtful enough to send me a picture, I'm so happy that Max is loving school, and my mommy heart just wants to explode from all the feels.
6 years hasn't been all unicorns and rainbows.  We've seen plenty of tantrums and tears for reasons we won't ever understand (kids cry for the weirdest reasons sometimes), but these 6 years have been the absolute best.  I'm so lucky I was chosen to be his Mom.
My sweet Max,
Happiest of birthdays to you!  I love watching the young man you are growing up to be.  You always have a smile on your face that brightens up any room or cloudy day.  Seeing the world through your eyes is magical, and I love how much you love school and learning.  I hope this year is full of amazing adventures. I love you.
For a walk down memory lane.....


The Day

As I type this, Emma and I are waiting for our belongings to be delivered. Today was supposed to be the day. The moving gods apparently aren't in our favor and now it's looking like tomorrow might be the day. I. Just. Want. Our. Stuff. 

So while we wait, let's talk about our week shall we?  Monday I took the kiddos to a new park. It was super cute and Max and Emma were fans. It had a music section where the kids could make some beautiful tunes. 

Since we don't have our belongings yet, an empty house isn't that entertaining. I mean, there's only so many times you can scream and chase each other around the house.  So Max and Emma have been playing their tablets. A lot. I feel a little guilty about it, but once their toys get here that will all change.  They look so cute though. It looks like they are just touching feet in the picture, but Emma was mid kick. She's sneaky that one. 

Max cannot stop talking about the dark side. So on Instagram stories I made him Darth Vader. I made his day.  I'm not the best drawer, but he appreciated my effort. 

I love our neighborhood. I can't wait to see it in the fall. When I drive down the street, it makes me think of Hocus Pocus, which makes me think of Halloween. It looks like a great place for trick-or-treaters. 

My brother had his first day of school yesterday. He's starting his second year of college, which is technically his third because of the college prep high school he went to.  I'm so proud of him.  

I'll end with an Emma story. Today she's been extra whiny and wanting to be glued to my hip. I told her she's driving me bananas. She looks at me and says, "Yeah? You are driving me apple sauce!" 
This girl is so full of sass. 

Have a great day friends! 


The Dark Side

This weekend was nice. We drove around our hood to see what fun places we have around us.  We have a Chipotle  (yes!) we have a Target close by (the motherland!) and...well that's all I need. Ha! 

We took a walk to the play area by our house. Max and Emma had some fun in the humid evening. I promise to stop complaining about the humidity, but guys it's soooo humid. 

Yesterday we went and spent the afternoon with Jakub and Mel (friends from AZ!) and Max and Emma fell in love with their dog, Maci. Poor Maci was trying to hide from them.  We went swimming and grilled. It was fun and I'm so happy that we have friends here. Ninjas reunited! 

Max's birthday is Saturday and be told me he wanted the Dark Side everything for his birthday. While I was at Target I saw this cake and had to order it for him. I'm so excited! I don't know if I should be worried that my kids like the Dark Side.... Max is so going to freak!! 

Today is a big day for this young lady. My little sister who isn't little, but I will always call her that, starts her Senior Year of high school. So crazy!! It seems like just yesterday she was born. I'm so proud of this girl, and I can't wait to see what amazing things she does in life. 

Happy Monday! 


You Are Here

We've been in Georgia one week and what a crazy busy week it was!  Max loves school. He told me he doesn't like weekends, because he wants to be at school. It makes me so happy that he's loving it so much, but...it's the weekend. Aren't kids suppose to want to spend time with their family??? Cry face emoji. 

I love the You Are Here Collection from Starbucks.  I have one from NM, WA and Seattle.  This beauty will be joining my collection soon. 

Ian came home from work with goodies for the kids. They were so excited. 

They thought the bag was pretty cool because it looks like a jersey. 

Max had a homework assignment and it gave me all the feels. I looked at his baby pictures and couldn't believe my baby is in 1st Grade. 

We are done with hotel life and are living in our house....with nothing in it. Our belongings are somewhere in Colorado and will hopefully be here early next week. Fingers crossed and wishing on stars it gets here Monday. 

Happy weekend, unless you're Max...then you're wishing it were Monday. 


Our Favorite Time

Yesterday Emma and I found ourselves at a library.  As we parked and were about to walk in it started to rain!  It felt like being in WA.  I loved it.  When we walked in storytime was about to happen.  Talk about perfect timing.  I started talking to a lady there with her little girl.  Turns out her neighbors just moved here from Seattle!

Storytime was a little different from what we're used to in WA, but Emma enjoyed herself.  She was a but shy, but by the end she was participating.

The theme of the class was monkeys.  Emma was so proud of her coloring, and she kept putting up her mask to scare people. 

We picked up Max, which pickup time is our favorite! We headed to the park where they played until they were tired and sweaty. 

Chugging water is a must in this heat and humidity.
Our stuff doesn't get here until next week, so we've been staying at a hotel.  We're here until Friday and then we'll be camping at our house.  It hasn't been a week yet, and I'm a little overwhelmed with everything.  I miss WA.  I miss our friends.  I keep thinking, "Oh, I'd be getting my room ready for school this week..."  I had a pity party yesterday.  After a good cry, I felt better.  I'm going to soak in all the time I get to spend with Emma until I start subbing or go back to work.  Once our stuff gets here it will feel more like home. 
Well...it's that time of day!  Our favorite time!! 


First Grade

Today was the day! Max started First Grade in a new school, in a new state.  We took him a little late this morning because we had to finish registering him, and the nice lady said the office was going to be chaotic so to come in later.  We got there and his class was heading towards the cafeteria. We met his teacher and he hopped in line. Not even a look back at us. He did so great. I watched him walk away and my tears began to flow. And flow. 

Emma is such a proud sister!

I was so antsy to pick him up. When he finally got into the car I was so happy. I asked him how his day was and he said, "Amazing!" He also told me in his sweet voice, "Mommy, it's easy to make friends!" I started to get teary eyed. I'm so, so happy that he had an amazing day. 

We celebrated with ice cream! 
Emma had her mouth full of ice cream. 

Homework doesn't officially start until after Curriculum Night next week, but Max had a special activity to do for school tomorrow.  

Here's to an amazing school year for my sweet boy! 


Holy Humidity

Today was a good day.  We wanted to have a fun family day before the big day tomorrow. Max starts 1st Grade and Ian starts his new job. 

We found ourselves at a mall. The kids set their eyes on the carousel and Emma kept saying, "I really want to ride that." After lunch we let them. Emma had her eyes on a bunny, and some other little girl beat her to it...she was not happy. Luckily, she got over it and picked a horse to ride. 
Ian brought us to a cute downtown area that the kids and I loved! Everything is so pretty here. We were walking around for about an hour and it was so hot and humid out. I was dripping sweat.  Dripping. 

Always playing Pokemon, as were all the other people walking around.  

We will be going back to this fountain so they can fully play and get soaked. We had other places to go after here so we told hem they could put their arms in. Emma walked up to it and put her face directly into it. That girl! 

We stopped to get Max some school supplies and an outfit for his big day. 

I'm such a ball of nerves for tomorrow. I so desperately want him to have an amazing day. When you wake up tomorrow if you could send prayers, happy thoughts or good vibes my little man's way, I would greatly appreciate it.