All the Emotions

When Ian and I decided to move our family to Georgia, I felt all the emotions immediately.  I was excited, scared, worried, sad, happy all rolled into one.  As the day draws closer for us to leave this chapter behind (uh, hello Friday), I find myself worrying about Max.  He'll start school on the 8th, and this time I won't be there.  I won't be down the hall where he can walk and turn a corner to the third grade hallway to my classroom.  I won't be able to pop in during my prep time to see how his lunch is going.  I won't be there, and it makes me so sad.  I feel like this is really his first year of school.  Now I know what other moms feel like on their kids first day of Kinder.  That's going to be me on Monday.  All. The. Tears.   When I was talking with Max about school he told me he's worried.  That sentence alone made me want to burst into tears.  I don't want him to worry one bit.  Believe me, I am doing enough worrying for the both of us.  I know he's going to do just fine.  He loves school, and I hope his love only continues to grow.  I hope he makes lots of new friends that first day. Mostly, I hope I can keep the tears from falling until after I make it to the car.

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  1. He will do so great! I'm so sad we never got to meet up! :( But I'm excited to hear about your life in Georgia!