Emma is 3 going on 16.  She is full of attitude, sass and straight up diva.  She gets angry at the littlest of things and her tantrums/anger outburst are big.  Sometimes I want to laugh at her outburst and other times I have to count to 10 to not have an outburst of my own.
I mean, can you just feel the attitude from this picture?  Behind those glasses she's probably rolling her eyes and silently cursing at me.
Even with all the attitude there is the sweetest girl. She will walk up to me and kiss my arm.  She still loves for me to hold her at night.  If she ends up in bed with us, she likes to have her hand on my arm to know that I'm there.  The sweetest.
I took the kids to a fountain to cool off in the heat.  They loved it.  Loved it.  I was sweating buckets, but they have been wanting to go so bad, and today was the perfect day for splashing in the water.
Right before I told them they had 7 minutes left.  When time was up Max came right to me for his towel.  Emma on the other hand, stayed on the opposite side of the fountain.  She continued to play and acted as if she couldn't hear me calling her name.

So I told her bye and grabbed our things.  She ran so fast to me and yelled at me, "Mommy! I was coming to sit down!"  Right.

She's a total threenager. I can only imagine how she'll actually act at 16. Lord, help me. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, too funny! I was walking in the park yesterday and there was a little girl (but probably a couple years older than Emma) on the playground with who I'm guessing was her babysitter. They were having a great time, and then I heard the babysitter say they had to leave to take her to practice. She was not happy, so the babysitter started walking, then the little girl ran to catch up (because she saw her attempt at just standing her ground had failed) and fell, which was clearly on purpose, then threw a fit about falling. Then she walked some more and then refused to walk, so the babysitter pretended to call someone on the phone and she yelled "NO!" and started pouting. Ha! It was so so sassy and funny.