Birthday Fun

We had some birthday fun on The Dark Side for Max.  It was Star Wars all weekend and Max couldn't of been happier.

A quick look at my sweet boy over the years enjoying some sugary goodness.
Max started off the day with opening a gift from Grandmom, Grandpa, Uncle and Auntie. It was a Darth Vader pillow buddy. He has been inseparable and if you follow me on SnapChat (JenWink08), you saw that! 

We found ourselves at a bowling/arcade because one of my tires needed replacing. Max beat Daddy at air hockey. I love this picture so much.  We played video games and car racing where Emma and I got beat. 

Then we went to a place called Area 51 in Roswell. There were no aliens, but there were cut outs for the kids to take pictures.

Max has been wanting to play miniature golf since before we left WA. He loves it.  There were two courses to choose from, and Max picked the Chattahoochee Gulch, and it was a cute course.  Emma saw the little houses and wanted to go play. 

Emma lasted about 3 holes into the game, and then she was done.  She did get a hole in one!  Max had so much fun.  He's so competitive and he wanted to win. He gets that from his Daddy for sure.

After miniature golf Ian took Max to the Lego Store to pick out some presents.  Emma and I went to Target to pick up Max's cake.  We also picked up Pie Face (Max has been wanting this game), a Darth Vader shirt and puzzles which happen to be Dark Side puzzles.  His cake turned out so great.  I went to put candles and I put FIVE.  Ian was like, "Uh, aren't you going to put six?"
His smile is the best.
After cake we FaceTimed with my family.  I took this picture from my sister's SnapChat.  Thanks, Alicia!
The rest of the night and weekend were spent playing Pie Face, putting together the Legos he picked, putting together a puzzle and swimming!  It was pretty great.
I can't believe Max is 6.
Well...now I have some major fun waiting for me.  Unpacking boxes.  Yay...

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