Dear Washington

Dear Washington,
We're leaving today.  We're about to embark on a brand new adventure, in a brand new state. When I moved here 3 years ago I was sad.  Sad to leave AZ and our friends.  Plus we were so much closer to my family while living in AZ, and I was 36 weeks pregnant and very emotional.  On our drive up to our new home though, I fell in love.  Everything is so green.  Everywhere I looked there was beautiful sights to see.  Surprisingly, you felt like home right away. 

Here we are 3 years later.   3 years full of memories.   Emma Girl was born here and we became a family of 4.  Max turned 3, 4 and 5 here and celebrated birthdays with friends and family.  Max started preschool where he made friends that he later got to see every day in Kindergarten.  I made friends with the parents of Max's friends.  Emma turned 1, 2 and 3 while living here and celebrated a very pink birthday, Minnie Mouse birthday and dinosaur birthday.  I found my love of teaching again here, and had the best year of teaching with a great class and amazing coworkers. I completed a half marathon.   Ian started a new job that he thrived in and grew professionally.  We traveled to Canada to watch soccer and to Portland (where we dressed incognito because their fans are scary).

We have so many memories.  Seeing TSwift in concert (the best concert ever), having family come  into town to watch the Steelers play the Seahawks, riding a ferry multiple times over to Bainbridge Island, spending the afternoon at Kerry Park eating ice cream, seeing all the touristy sights, the rain...oh how I love the weather here. 

Washington you were a great home for us.   I will miss you.


  1. Ahhh I'm going to miss you! I know that sounds weird because we never met up, but the possibility was still there, you know? Haha! I hope you LOVE Georgia though! I have no idea if Savannah is near Atlanta at all, but Savannah is one of my top 10 US places I want to visit, so maybe if that happens I can see you then!

    1. I totally feel the same!! ❤️