First Grade

Today was the day! Max started First Grade in a new school, in a new state.  We took him a little late this morning because we had to finish registering him, and the nice lady said the office was going to be chaotic so to come in later.  We got there and his class was heading towards the cafeteria. We met his teacher and he hopped in line. Not even a look back at us. He did so great. I watched him walk away and my tears began to flow. And flow. 

Emma is such a proud sister!

I was so antsy to pick him up. When he finally got into the car I was so happy. I asked him how his day was and he said, "Amazing!" He also told me in his sweet voice, "Mommy, it's easy to make friends!" I started to get teary eyed. I'm so, so happy that he had an amazing day. 

We celebrated with ice cream! 
Emma had her mouth full of ice cream. 

Homework doesn't officially start until after Curriculum Night next week, but Max had a special activity to do for school tomorrow.  

Here's to an amazing school year for my sweet boy! 

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