Today I took a break from unpacking and Emma and I went to the mall.  The mall by our place is pretty nice.  Last time we were there Emma really wanted to ride the bunny on the carousel.  When we went to ride it though, another little girl had gotten on the bunny.  Today, Emma was going to ride the bunny.  We're waiting in line with a handful of people.  Wouldn't you know a little girl makes her way to the freaking bunny.  I asked the lady if we could wait for the next ride, and she said we could.  Emma was going to ride the damn bunny before we left.   So we waited in line.  The carousel goes around a million times.  Maybe because it's a week day and not many people are there.  I was getting nauseous just looking at it go round and round. 

Bunny!  She was so happy. 

Afterwards we went to the play area so she could burn some energy.  There was a girl playing that Emma desperately wanted to play with.  She kept asking her, "Can I please play with you?"  Only the little girl was with her brother and playing with him.  Emma was so sad.  She marched to me and arms crossed said, "I'm not playing with that friend, okay!?"  Okay. 

We went to the library and checked out some books.  I had forgotten my card at home and asked the librarian if I could still check out books.  She was a jokester that one and told me I better hope I can or I was going to have some angry littles with me.  She was so very true.  I had to show her my drivers license.  She sees it's a WA license and tells me, "I can't believe you left Washington to move here."  I didn't know how to respond, so I didn't. 

When we got home Max jumped on the couch with one of the books.  Emma went to sit by him, and before I knew it Max was reading to Emma.  I was dying over the cuteness. #heartexplode  I mean, I snapped it, insta-storied it, instagrammed it, and sent it to Ian.  Overboard sharing?  Never.  I'm probably going to Facebook it as well, because it's the sweetest moment that I want to remember forever. 

Today is Meet the Teacher at the school I taught at last year.  I'm missing my friends in WA something fierce today. GA is feeling like home.  Home is wherever Ian, Max and Emma are, and so GA is home.  All the corniness. 

Have a great day, friends!

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