Holy Humidity

Today was a good day.  We wanted to have a fun family day before the big day tomorrow. Max starts 1st Grade and Ian starts his new job. 

We found ourselves at a mall. The kids set their eyes on the carousel and Emma kept saying, "I really want to ride that." After lunch we let them. Emma had her eyes on a bunny, and some other little girl beat her to it...she was not happy. Luckily, she got over it and picked a horse to ride. 
Ian brought us to a cute downtown area that the kids and I loved! Everything is so pretty here. We were walking around for about an hour and it was so hot and humid out. I was dripping sweat.  Dripping. 

Always playing Pokemon, as were all the other people walking around.  

We will be going back to this fountain so they can fully play and get soaked. We had other places to go after here so we told hem they could put their arms in. Emma walked up to it and put her face directly into it. That girl! 

We stopped to get Max some school supplies and an outfit for his big day. 

I'm such a ball of nerves for tomorrow. I so desperately want him to have an amazing day. When you wake up tomorrow if you could send prayers, happy thoughts or good vibes my little man's way, I would greatly appreciate it. 

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