Our Favorite Time

Yesterday Emma and I found ourselves at a library.  As we parked and were about to walk in it started to rain!  It felt like being in WA.  I loved it.  When we walked in storytime was about to happen.  Talk about perfect timing.  I started talking to a lady there with her little girl.  Turns out her neighbors just moved here from Seattle!

Storytime was a little different from what we're used to in WA, but Emma enjoyed herself.  She was a but shy, but by the end she was participating.

The theme of the class was monkeys.  Emma was so proud of her coloring, and she kept putting up her mask to scare people. 

We picked up Max, which pickup time is our favorite! We headed to the park where they played until they were tired and sweaty. 

Chugging water is a must in this heat and humidity.
Our stuff doesn't get here until next week, so we've been staying at a hotel.  We're here until Friday and then we'll be camping at our house.  It hasn't been a week yet, and I'm a little overwhelmed with everything.  I miss WA.  I miss our friends.  I keep thinking, "Oh, I'd be getting my room ready for school this week..."  I had a pity party yesterday.  After a good cry, I felt better.  I'm going to soak in all the time I get to spend with Emma until I start subbing or go back to work.  Once our stuff gets here it will feel more like home. 
Well...it's that time of day!  Our favorite time!! 

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